Unlocked Feats

Unlocked Feats:

Ascetic Rogue from Complete Adventurer (pg 106) via Greg.

Awesome Smite from Complete Champion (pg 55) via Mike.

Augment Healing from Complete Divine (pg 79) via Greg.

Coordinated Shot from Heros of Battle (pg 96) via Ken.

Dwarven Armor Proficiency from Races of Stone (pg 138) via JR.

Deadly Defense from Complete Scoundrel (pg 76) via Greg.

Exotic Armor Proficiency from Races of Stone (pg 139) via Greg.

Extra Music from Complete Adventurer (pg 109) via JMK.

Goad from Races of Stone (pg 140) via Greg.

Greater Heavy Armor Optimization from Races of Stone (pg 141) via Greg.

Halfling Lore from Dragon Magazine 315: Living Greyhawk Feats (pg 53) via Ken.

Heavy Armor Optimization from Races of Stone (pg 141) via JR.

Improved Buckler Defense from Complete Warrior (pg 100) via Ken.

Improved Toughness from Complete Warrior (pg 101) via JMK.

Lyric Spell from Complete Adventurer (pg 113) via JMK.

Obscure Lore from Complete Adventurer (pg 101) via JMK.

Open Minded from Complete Adventurer (pg 111) via JR.

Practiced Spellcaster from Complete Arcane (pg 82) via Dan.

Protection Devotion from Complete Champion (pg 61) via Dan.

Reckless Rage from Races of Stone (pg 143) via Mike.

Shielded Casting from Races of Stone (pg 144) via Greg.

Shield Specialization from Player’s Handbook II (pg 82) via Greg.

Somatic Weaponry from Complete Mage (pg 47) via JMK.

Telling Blow from Player’s Handbook II (pg 83) via Mike.

Titan Fighting from Races of Stone (pg 145) via Greg.

Unlocked Feats

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