Undefeated Economy

Rules for trade between characters.

Skills and Spells

Use of a skill, magic item, spell, or other ability by a player character who was not present during a session is allowed so long as said PC was either a primary character or secondary character of one of the players who was present.

For example, if Greg’s character Merrill is his primary character for a session he may then sell Merrill’s services for identifying items at the end of that adventure to the group. If Vaughna is not his secondary character, though, he can not sell her knowledge of the religion of St. Cuthbert to the group.

Players may not use such services between their own characters without DM approval.

Item’s Crafted

Characters with craft feats may create and sell items to any other character for any price they wish. However, players are expected to come up with a set system: 75% of full item value, 90% of full item value, etc. Once this price is set it may not be changed without DM approval. In other words, think long and hard before deciding you’re going to sell a Wand of Fireball, Caster Level 10, for 1g. Do that once and you may never be able to change the price.

Selling crafted items to your own characters is not allowed without DM approval.

Items Found during a Session

The Undefeated Guild is able to provide access to a lot of great items because they receive so many from the guild members. The guild always allows a brother to purchase a found item at the item’s sell value and any member of the party that found that item has the opportunity to take it at that price. However, guild charter limits this privilege to just that: members of the party who found the item.

Brothers found purposely buying these discounted items for the sole purpose of immediately turning around to sell them for no or little profit to other brothers who weren’t in said party face the chance of repercussions.

For example: if you find a Greatsword +3 during an adventure and you know that there’s a brother of the guild who could really use that item you cannot sell it to him for half-value. Essentially, unless you create the item yourself you must sell that item to him at the full market price. Doing otherwise would undercut one of the guild’s chief means of revenue.

Undefeated Economy

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