Time Units

Time Units

Time units (TUs) represent how much your PC can do in a year. At the beginning of each calendar year, your PC receives 52 TUs to spend, unless something from the previous year has reduced this starting total. The most common way to spend TUs is adventuring, but they can also be spent to craft items, earn money, train animals, etc. When that PC is out of TUs you cannot play him or her again until the next real world calendar year.

Spending Time Units

1.) Adventuring. TUs are spent in order for a PC to participate in an adventure. Your DM will tell you how many TUs are required for a particular adventure. Typically, any adventure taking place within the Duchy of Urnst will require one TU. Adventures taking place outside the Duchy, or particularly long adventures, may require more. Note: Whatever your primary character spends for TUs, your secondary character must spend as well for purposes of adventuring.

2.) Crafting Items. Following the crafting rules located in the PHB (page 70-71), one TU must be spent per week or part thereof in order to make a check to craft mundane or magical items.

3.) Animal Training. Animals with fewer than their maximum tricks may be trained further by spending one TU and succeeding on the Handle Animal check (PHB p. 74-75). You may not take 20 on this check.

4.) Recovering Familiars or Special Mounts. If a familiar is dismissed or dies and is not raised, the master must wait 53 TUs before summoning another. Similarly, if your paladin mount dies, you must wait four TUs or until you gain a new level in the paladin class before calling another. Unused TUs at the end of a year may be spent to meet these requirements.

5.) Scribing Spells into a Spell Book. Beyond spells automatically earned for gaining a new level or as a story reward, wizards will sometimes spend TUs in order to add spells to their spell book. Ask a DM.

6.) Earning Money. A TU may be spent to attempt to earn additional money by making a check using one of the following skills: Craft, Perform, Profession, Sleight of Hand, or Tumble. You do not have to to pay lifestyle cost for a TU spent in this way. You must declare what DC you are trying to meet or exceed before making this skill roll. If you succeed at the check you gain the listed coin. You may not take 20.

When using Sleight of Hand, if you fail the check by five or more, you must succeed at a Bluff check of equal DC or be imprisoned for four additional time units.

DC 15 2d6 gold pieces

DC 20 2d10 gold pieces

DC 25 1d6 platinum pieces

DC 30 1d8 platinum pieces

DC 35 1d10 platinum pieces

DC 40 2d6 platinum pieces

DC 45 2d8 platinum pieces

DC 50 2d10 platinum pieces

Time Units

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