The Manse of Meldivak

Sharilizath is situated in the County of Koken in the Duchy Palatine of Urnst, in a rocky valley at the foot of the Cairn Hills. It is located south of Goldplain (population 6,700), and east of Doomgrinder up in the hills.

It is unknown who built the original tower, Sharilizath, but its is generally believed that it was built after the Suel migration into the region. The predominant theory is that it was built by a powerful Suel wizard or cabal of wizards because of the residual magic found in the location. The site seems to be a place where the very fabric of reality has been weakened.

The tower had lain in ruin for centuries until a Suel noble, and magical practitioner, Baronet Meldivak of (the now defunct) House Yurarni took up residence there in CY 367. The Suel purist had the place restored and improved upon adding a lower keep and manse to the already forbidding tower. To accomplish this work the baronet required labor, and the Village of Lizath was founded to the east of Sharilizath to house and support his workers.

Many workers died during the construction, and many more complained of nightmare visions, and hellish manifestations at the site of Sharilizath. The common folk grew to believe the tower, and its grounds, to be cursed. There were also rumors of magical and other worldly beings summoned and commanded by Meldivak to speed the construction. The places unsavory reputation was further fueled by the disappearance of the clerics of St. Cuthbert from Lizath, and the later mysterious destruction of the temple.

The construction was completed in CY 372, and Baronet Meldivak left the villagers of Lizath mostly to themselves. They, in turn, shunned Sharilizath for the most part.

In the early years the baronet hosted many of his peers, and held galas, balls, and celebrations of great repute. This brought prosperity to his holdings and subjects, and the fears and claims of past evils happening made by the low born seemed ever more unfounded, or at the very least, exaggerated. It is true that some strange reports from this time were forth coming, but Meldivak was a wizard after all, and many of the entertainments that he provided for his guests were magical in nature.

As time went on, however, even the lords and ladies began to wonder. Fewer and fewer guests came to the valley each year. Rumors of ghosts and demons inhabiting Sharilizath sprung up in courts across Aerdy, and by CY 384 Baronet Meldivak of House Yurarni shut himself up in his tower. No longer were the lords and ladies of Urnst and invited to enjoy the entertainments of Sharilizath. Even those of Meldivak’s own house refused to visit their relative, and it was not long before the nobles moved on to other gossips, and Sharilizath was forgotten for the most part. Now and then a strange tale of the cursed tower would surface, but the plight of a few commoners seemed of little consequence in the grand scheme of things.

Word of Sharilizath once again crossed the lips of commoner and noble alike in the summer of CY 387 when news of a terrible plague afflicting the villagers of Lizath began to spread. No isolated, or far-fetched tale, was this. It was whispered that the entire village had gone mad, and had taken to cannibalism and other depraved practices.

Jairell III, Count of Koken, sent a force to the Village of Lizath to assess the situation. The commander, Sir Fenthil of House Yurarni (Meldivak’s own nephew), ordered the village burned and all within put to death immediately upon seeing the evil there with his own eyes. It was recorded that the people of Lizath had become ghouls and ghasts to a man.

Upon receiving the report of what happened the count ordered Sir Fenthil to capture Meldivak, and bring him back to court that he may be questioned and face justice for whatever unholy magics he had conjured to cause such a blight upon the land. The force sent to Sharilizath was never heard from again.

Count Jairell III sent out a call for heroes, wizards, and clerics to help remove this evil from his land. At this time the Lord Commander of the Undefeated was a Suel paladin of Pelor called Sir Lavesh the Sunsword. Upon hearing of the plight of the people of Lizath, and the army under Sir Fenthil, he gathered the most powerful heroes of the guild and went to the court of the Count of Koken to offer his aid. The Count of Koken charged Sir Lavesh with the destruction of Meldivak by whatever means he deemed necessary.

Sir Lavesh, and his host of heroes went then to Sharilizath to bring an end to the terror caused by the wizard Meldivak. The Undefeated were successful in bringing an end to the baronet’s reign, but at great cost. When the few remaining heroes emerged, Sir Lavesh the Sunsword, Lord Commander of the Undefeated, made them swear to never speak of what had happened in the cursed tower.

Once the Undefeated returned to the Court of Koken Sir Lavesh declared to the count, and to the world, that Meldivak had been slain, but he did not elaborate on what had occurred. Only the Tome of the Lord Commanders holds the knowledge of what took place in the final days of Maldivak, and Sharilizath, the Cursed Tower.


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