shares of the treasure

Determining treasure rewards for groups where one or more characters do not receive a full share, such as with cohorts, shall be done using the following system.

1.) The DM determines how many shares each character shall receive. As a general rule of thumb PC’s always receive three shares while cohorts receive two.

2.) The DM adds up the total number of shares.

3.) The DM divides the treasure total by the amount of total shares to determine the value of each share.

4.) A character’s total treasure haul becomes the number of shares they received (step 1) multiplied by each share’s value (step 3).

Example: In an adventure with four PC’s where one of them has a cohort the DM decides to assign three shares to each player, two shares to the cohort, and one share to an NPC the players had agreed in character to give a cut of the treasure to for guiding them to the evil dungeon they were searching for. After the session is over the total amount of treasure, after the Guild’s cut, ended up being 25,000gp. The DM adds up all the shares and finds the total is 15 (12 for the PCs, 2 for the cohort, 1 for the NPC). He divides 25,000 by 15 and finds each share is worth 1,667gp (rounding up). Each PC, therefore, receives 5,001gp (1667 * 3), the cohort gets 3,334gp (1667 * 2), and the NPC gets 1,667gp for his sole share.

Note: Because we’re rounding up each share’s value the total treasure haul will usually be slightly higher than it should be using this system. In the above example the original 25,000gp haul turns into 25,005gp. But what’s five gold between friends?

shares of the treasure

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