While the Undefeated accepts members of any non-evil alignment, it is at its heart a Neutral Good guild. As such its leaders may and often do punish brothers who stray from the traditions of the Original Six.

Punishments vary depending on the real or perceived violation of guild charter. For instance, a brother or sister who upholds the laws of the duchy in violation of the guild’s Neutral Good status may be forced to spend 5 time units creating scrolls for the guild. On the other hand, a brother or sister who commits an outright evil act, say murder, might be hanged in front of the Bones and Feathers Inn. Such members lose the right of resurrection. They even lose the right to a burial in the guild’s graveyard.

Only the Lord Commander himself can issue a death sentence to a Brother. All other punishments can be meted out by any member of the Council of Five.

Small offenses, such as failing to satisfactorily complete a mission or minor cases of insubordination, are usually subject to tasks such as helping other brothers with their training. Being forced to become a “teacher” usually results in the loss of time units.

The DM shall determine any punishment and is free to be creative and consult with players. Players are encouraged to role-play within their alignment regardless of these guild rules but understand that being a member of this guild usually favors NG characters above any other alignment.


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