The Undefeated guild is hierarchical in an almost military way. Brothers are expected to follow the orders of any superior without question so long as said order does not violate the guild charter.

Above and beyond the role-playing implications of rank there are in-game benefits for PC’s who have risen above the rank of initiate. Read the wiki-page for each rank for more information.

The Main Ranks

The highest rank in the guild is that of the Lord Commander. Directly beneath him is his advisory Cabinet of Five consisting of the Prior Brother, the (Rogue/Military Brother), the (Bard/Knowledge) Brother, the Seer Brother, and the (Druidic/Nature) brother.

Beneath the Cabinet of Five are the Honored Brothers. These are members of the guild who have attained great status and renown for their service. Brothers who have dedicated their lives to the guild are often made Honored Brothers upon their retirement. This is largely a courtesy. Honored Brothers who are still active in the guild are very few and far between as such individuals constitute some of the most powerful individuals in all the Flaness. It is currently unknown how many of these Honored Brothers the guild has as many have disappeared, often seeking knowledge on other planes and returning to the guild only once every century or so.

Chief Brothers fall beneath the Honored Brothers in rank. These members of the guild constitute the most powerful, yet commonly seen, members of the guild.

Deputy Brothers are promoted to this rank for standing out as an invaluable member of the guild.

Full Brothers of the guild have passed their initiation and receive all rights and responsibilities of any other brother of the guild, including the right to enter the Bones and Feathers Inn.

Initiates are basically prospects: they are members of the guild who a brother has nominated for full membership.

Employees are people who work for the Undefeated guild. Very often a brother or sister of the guild will sponsor employees for full membership.

Miscellaneous Ranks

The Master Librarian rules over Travis’ Library of Mayrah the Thinless.


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