Original Six

The Original Six were a group of unlikely heroes who first met at the Bones and Feathers Inn nearly 600 years ago. They formed the Undefeated as a simple party of adventurers but ultimately their creation led to much more than a “regular” grouping of heroes.

Travis Nightstood was a human Bard who convinced the rest of the group to join together to fight the forces of evil in the land. He is credited with naming the group and some of his songs still rank among the most popular in all of the Duchy and beyond.

Illstood the Betrayer was a human who fought side-by-side with the Undefeated for years. In the end, however, he yearned for immortality more than anything else. His betrayal of his friends earned him the title that accompanies his name to this day. A brother who speaks his name today often spits afterward.

Mayrah Thinless was an elven Wizard who cared not for the plights of humans. It was Travis who convinced her to start to take an interest. After Illstood’s betrayal she ended up formalizing the Undefeated as a guild. She was the guild’s first Lord Commander and she held that post for nearly three decades.

Redrick Glent was already a seasoned warrior when he first met the rest of the Original Six. He served the group as its mightiest Fighter well into old age and is often referred to as Redrick the Unretired. In the end it was the human’s old age that finally killed him, leading bards across the land to profess that only the gods themselves had the power to finally strike him down.

English Mason was a thief and a liar when he first met the Original Six. The halfling redeemed himself, though, by serving as the group’s chief rogue for many years. According to legend, English’s final words before Illstood struck him down during the great betrayal were: “Better to die at the hands of a friend than a monster in the dark, I suppose…”.

Issiron of Cudglestone was a dwarf down on her luck when she first met the Original Six. Her reasons for joining the group are lost to history but what is still known and well remembered is her undying faith in Moradin the Creator. The power of her faith is often preached, to this day, at the temple of Moradin on the Guild Grounds. She died during the great betrayal and, worse yet, her soul was trapped within a gem by Illstood (see spell: Trap the Soul) in order to prevent her resurrection. Finding that gem and freeing her soul remains a huge priority, even after all these centuries, of the Undefeated faithful of The Soul Forger.

Original Six

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