Lord Commander

The Lord Commander of the Undefeated is the highest ranking member of the guild. After being elected to this position the Lord Commander serves for life or until he chooses to retire. In its 584 year history there have been 82 Lords Commander.

The current Lord Commander of the guild is Gravejaw Okz. He is the first half-orc to ever serve in this position.

Upon a Lord Commander’s death or retirement all brothers and sisters of the guild are immediately summoned back to Bastion to participate in the voting ritual to elect a replacement. Any current brother may be nominated regardless of their rank. All brothers receive exactly one vote regardless of their rank. A brother must receive a majority of all votes in order to be elected. This often results in many rounds of voting before the issue is settled.

In recent history the Lord Commander of the Undefeated Guild has become much more of a politician and diplomat than a military commander. His responsibilities include coordinating the guild’s efforts with those of the Duchy’s, arbitrating disputes between rival powers in the land, and overseeing the long-term plans of the guild as a whole. In theory the Lord Commander is supposed to be available at all times to fight the forces of Illstood the Betrayer at an instant’s notice and, indeed, he must by guild charter and long-standing tradition allow a charm to be made for himself for a Bracelet of Friends that is always in the possession of the highest ranking member of the guild residing in Bastion. The truth, however, is that no member of the guild has dared use this item to summon back a traveling Lord Commander in almost 150 years.

Lord Commander

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