Honor System

Players are expected to arrive at an Undefeated session with their characters ready to play. With this in mind the campaign rules allow a player to do a great many number of things outside of a DM’s presence. These include:

1.) Create a new character.

2.) Level up an existing character.

3.) Spend gold on items/enchants/etc. that are open or unlocked.

3.) Make dice rolls for skill checks involving the expenditure of TUs. For example, you may make your Spellcraft checks to see if you can write a new spell into your spellbook outside of a DM’s presence.

Players are expected to keep good records involving any of the items listed above. For instance, players should write down any Spellcraft check failures for writing new spells, the number of Spellcraft-check ranks they had at the time of the failure, accurately record the requisite TU costs, etc.

Rolls involved in the earning of gold via the use of a Profession, etc. still take place at the table.

Players with no honor are not allowed to utilize this system and must do everything involving their characters in a DM’s presence. Your DM will let you know if you have no honor using his best Worf impersonation.

Honor System

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