A Deputy Brother is one of the ranks in the Undefeated guild. Deputy Brothers have distinguished themselves from the rest of their brothers by either fulfilling a grueling task, going above and beyond the call of duty, or especially pleasing the lord commander in some special way. There is no game mechanic for determining if or when a PC rises to this rank. It is left to DM discretion but should always make sense for the story.

Deputy Brothers are fully trusted by the guild. They have earned the right to enter the Central Keep whenever they choose. They are often put into places of leadership and placed in charge of missions. They are given brothers to supervise and those brothers must obey their orders during any mission. But while this level of authority grants them much power, much is expected in return. If an assigned mission ends in failure, the blame will fall squarely on the deputy’s shoulders and his (or hers) alone.

Deputies also receive something else that benefits said PCs in out-of-game terms. During the ceremony in which they are officially promoted, their emblem is imbued by the Seer Brother with a special enchantment known only to the guild’s most powerful wizards. Its actual origin has been lost to history but it is believed that this special enchantment was first created by Mayrah Thinless herself.

In game terms, this enchantment allows a Deputy Brother the ability to see into the future once per session. This allows the Deputy to re-roll any roll they wish.

How to use: Once per session, as an immediate action, a Deputy may activate this “Luck of the Leaders” enchantment. Immediately after making any kind of roll a Deputy may decide to pick the die (or dice) back up and roll again. The player must declare his intent to use this enchantment before learning whether or not the original roll succeeded. For example, if a player asks the DM, “Does a 16 hit?” or “Does a 19 save?” and the DM answers in the negative the player cannot then choose to use this enchantment.

The results of the re-rolled die (or dice) cannot be changed by any means (even by other magic items that might allow such changes).

Again, this is an immediate action and can only be used once per gaming session.

The character’s emblem radiates as magical after this enchantment is made but its aura is indecipherable. This enchantment can never be purchased, either. Its formula is jealousy guarded by the wizards and sorcerers of the Undefeated Guild and is only ever given to brothers who attain this rank.


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