The acquisition of the Defenders was a major moment in modern Undefeated History.

The Defenders were a group of heroes based out of Highfolk. Originally comprised of Narrinian Goldvein III, Arux the Half-Dragon, and Glorohim, this group of adventurers eventually grew to include several other powerful members including Baldric Ironwall, Talon the Druid, and Lord Darvin the Ranger.

Over time the Defenders became a force to be reckoned with. Enemies of the Highfolk region and the Vesve Forest grew to fear their growing power. Evil of all kinds fell against this group of heroes and agents of Old Wicked himself began to see them as a growing threat.

In retrospect it would seem inevitable that they would eventually come to the attention of the Undefeated. But it wasn’t until the guild sent several heroes to deal with Ghaerleth Axom, a mindflayer who had caused some trouble within the Duchy, that they actually did.

The heroes the Undefeated had sent to Highfolk never returned. The Azure Seer, Chief Brother Varzeill, a Diviner with a special interest in killing the Illithid, used his mighty magics to seek out the fate of the missing heroes. What he saw through his scrying was quite a surprise: a group of heroes were, indeed, battling against Ghaerleth Axom. But these heroes were not Undefeated. In fact, he quickly realized that the Undefeated who had been sent to deal with the mindflayer were already dead.

The heroes who were keeping up the fight were the Defenders. After researching this group of heroes and watching them defeat the Illithid that had killed his fellow brothers, Varzeill realized that acquiring this group of heroes would be fortuitous for the guild. Not only would the guild gain six powerful members but they would also gain an already established outpost in the Vesve Forest to hold back the forces Iuz. This realization set into motion what historians would one day refer to as the Acquisition of the Defenders.

After being invited to join the guild, and seeing all the benefits it would bring, a mutually beneficial deal was thus agreed upon. Every member of the Defenders agreed to take the oath and join the Undefeated. In return, Lord Commander Gravejaw Okz approved the true resurrection of Sir Baldric Ironwall the paladin, who had fallen against Ghaerleth Axom. Also, each member of the Defenders was immediately promoted to the rank of Deputy with the exception of Baldric. He was promoted to the rank of Chief Brother and tasked with leading the Undefeated’s presence in Highfolk.

The Defenders were dissolved that fateful day, yet born anew as Undefeated.

The Defenders who joined the Undefeated:


Baldric Ironwall



Narrinian Goldvein III



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