Death and Resurrection

After a Free Death, the Undefeated Guild will pay to resurrect any hero who falls in the line of duty with the understanding that said hero shall repay the material cost as follows: 5,000gp for Raise Dead, 10,000gp for Resurrection, 25,000gp for True Resurrection, and 1,000gp for Reincarnate. However, a hero must meet the following requirements in order to qualify:

Raise Dead: Must be at least level 5.

Reincarnate: Must be a druid or a class sympathetic to druidic principals (DM discretion) and be level 3 or higher.

Resurrection: Must be level 9 or higher.

True Resurrection: Must be level 13 or higher.

Additionally, all requirements of the spell must be met and a PC is not required to utilize this service of the guild.

All debts incurred through this process must be repaid as follows: for Raise Dead, Reincarnate, and Resurrection, the PC must pay at least 50% of their take of the treasure per adventure until the debt has been repaid. For True Resurrection they must pay 75% of their take of the treasure per adventure until the debt is repaid.

In addition a 10% interest fee shall be charged per adventure on any outstanding debt. This fee will be levied at the beginning of any adventure. A DM must be consulted any time you make a payment on this debt.

At no time can other PC’s take the gear or valuables from brothers or sisters who have fallen in battle. In other words, a PC’s items do not become treasure for surviving members of the party (DAN!).

If a player wishes to allow his dead PC to remain dead permanently, he can do so.

Death and Resurrection

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