Character Creation

Creating a character for the Undefeated Campaign is pretty straightforward.

Abilities for characters are generated using the point-buy system found on page 169 of the DMG. Players receive 28 points to purchase their ability scores using this system.

All races and classes from the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual may be selected. In addition, any race or class that has already been unlocked using Undefeated Points may be selected as well.

All non-evil alignments are open. The Undefeated is a hero’s guild and does not tolerate evil in any form.

Players new to the campaign will create their Primary Character at a level one less than the current Average Party Level (using each current player’s highest level Primary Character). Starting experience for this character will be the minimum experience needed to reach this level (see page 22 of the PHB). Starting gold will be determined using the Character Wealth by Level Chart (see page 135 of the DMG) plus the maximum starting gold for that class (PHB p.111). Players are free to purchase any equipment available in the core books (PHB, DMG, and MM) or any equipment that has already been unlocked using Undefeated Points.

After creating a Primary Character for the campaign, players will be asked to create a Secondary Character as well. Secondary characters are created in the exact same manner as their Primary Character except they start with 75% of the wealth and experience as the primary.

Players may create other characters as well. All created characters beyond the initially created Primary and Secondary ones start at level 1 with zero experience. They will also receive the maximum amount of Random Starting Gold from the chart located on page 111 of the PHB.

All newly created characters are subject to DM approval.

Character Creation

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