Campaign World

The Undefeated Campaign uses the D&D 3.5 system and is based in the world of Greyhawk. Living Greyhawk material and adventures are commonly utilized for this campaign but the game is not strictly LG. Homebrew rules and adventures are used as well.


The Undefeated’s base of operations is the city of Bastion which is located in the northeast section of the Duchy of Urnst.

The ruined Manse of Meldivak Sharilizath is situated in the County of Koken in the Duchy Palatine of Urnst, in a rocky valley at the foot of the Cairn Hills. It is located south of Goldplain, and east of Doomgrinder up in the hills.


The Undefeated’s history is long and storied and shall be revealed more and more through both play and by use of this wiki. Below are some links to some key events in the Undefeated Guild’s history.

Origins and the Original Six.

Acquisition of the Defenders.


While the tracking of time is not of paramount importance in the Undefeated campaign, the Greyhawk calendar is often referenced in adventures and history.

Campaign World

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