Bones and Feathers Inn

The Bones and Feathers Inn is the heart and soul of the Undefeated compound.

It was a small and wayward place when it was first built and its true origins are lost to history. While some noted scholars, even among the Undefeated, will insist that it was important even during its inception, many others will argue that the small structure just happened to be the place where the Original Six met.

What’s important about this structure, now, is the fact that it has remained the center of the Guild Grounds for over four centuries. Many powerful spells have been cast upon its crumbling walls over the years to ensure that the quaint building remains steadfast. While small, and lacking such modern technologies as chimneys and the like, the Bones and Feathers remains the most popular place on the undefeated grounds for a variety of reasons.

What keeps the Inn so popular to this day is the fact that while inside a brother gains fast healing 1 per round. Also, spending time inside the structure will automatically cure any ailment be it disease, ability loss, or what have you.

Only full brothers are permitted to enter the Inn unless specifically ordered to do so by a superior.

A person or item of evil alignment radiates a black shadow that all can see while within the structure unless they have a way of hiding their alignment via magical means.

Bones and Feathers Inn

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