The Undefeated

Session 26: Operation Ixworth

Characters Present: Lothos by Mike, Norman C. Gordon by Jaime, Regin by Eldin, Shaunesshen as Cohort to Vaughna by Greg, Tyllius by Dan, Weatherby by Ken.

DM’d by: JMK

Adventure Summary

Having been called to the County of Urnst to witness the trial of the lesser Boneheart wizard Vox Saldir, the heroes of the Undefeated were quickly recruited for a covert military operation deep inside the Empire of Iuz itself. After being deposited near Ixworth by magical flying carpets the heroes subsequently captured the Boneheart Wizard Lucius Grakon and brought him back to the County for questioning.

Session 22: The Past Shall Haunt Us

Characters Present: Jet Loo by JR, Lothos by Mike, Shaunesshen as Cohort to Vaughna by Greg, Tyllius by Dan, Weatherby by Ken.

DM’d by: JMK

Experience for the Night

Treasure for the Night

Adventure Summary

While on assignment in the County of Urnst the heroes of the Undefeated were contacted by Trenton, the head clergyman of the Demon Hunters of the Cloth. He begged their help in capturing a demon who had escaped from Ventnor and who was possibly in residence in a cave near the half-orc village of Arton.

Arton’s mayor, a half-orc named Ramar, was eager to help the band of heroes. Unfortunately his past came back to haunt him when a green dragon and its siblings attacked the town to avenge their little brother whom Ramar had killed and skinned many years ago. Ramar fell during the attack but with the help of the heroes the village of Arton managed to fight off the beasts.

Later the next day the heroes found the demon they had been sent to find. Upon their return to Radigast, Trenton thanked them for their invaluable help.

Session 19: Slaughter of the Orcs
Wherein the Orcs were Woefully Outmatched

Characters Present: Jet Loo by JR, Logrin by Mike, Shaunesshen as Cohort to Vaughna by Greg, Tyllius by Dan.

DM’d by: JMK

Experience for the Night

Treasure for the Night

Adventure Summary:

After a strange woman from a far off, exotic land stumbled across a dying Brother of the Undefeated she traveled to Bastion in order to deliver his body and dying words to his father, Eustice Crookrows. Upon learning of his son’s latest death the cranky Honored Brother dispatched Vaughna, Shaunhessen, Logrin, and Tyllius to get revenge but not before first bestowing a gift to Shaunhessen in the form of a magical spiked gauntlet. The large barbarian was quick to give this gift to the “pretty lady” Vaughna and the mysterious Jet Loo agreed to travel with the heroes.

Upon reaching the orcs’ lair the Undefeated were attacked by a stone giant. A couple lobbed boulders later a mighty melee ensued. Jet Loo ended up using her blast orbs to nearly fell the giant.

The only major challenge the heroes encountered in the lair itself was in the form of a simple trap. After falling 100 feet into a pit, the heroes learned the hard way the importance of carrying adventure gear as they tried to figure out how to get Tyllius out of the hole since they didn’t have enough rope. Eventually he managed to climb halfway up, however, and Logrin’s 50 feet of rope did the rest.

The orcs they encountered were a joke. Facing six elite orc guards in magic armor and bearing magic weapons, the heroes sliced through the group of gray-skins. Their boss fared little better and the rest of the orcs in residence were slaughtered.

After a few days travel back home the heroes presented Eustice with the head of his son’s killer. Eustice had Vaughna and Shaunesshen place the grisly trophy upon a spike at his son’s grave.

Session 18: Kruknik

Characters present: Sir Marolan by Dan, Frazzlerazz by Greg, and Marshenref by JMK

It was a night for Initiates in Bastion. Green recruits fresh from training gathered in the Bones & Feathers, hoping to be chosen to go on the mission that would bring them into the fold as full brothers of the Undefeated. Among those selected were our heroes, notable for their conspicuous lack of training with the guild.

Sir Marolan, a high elf paladin from the court at Flameflower, had the credentials and the charisma. Frazzlerazz, the whisper gnome rogue, had put in a hard month training in the Nine Hells and impressed old Crossbones with her stealth. Marshenref, the human fighter, had arguably the most training, having spent the majority of his life in the ranger school at Stalwart Pines.

Prior Brother Yeshvin sent these three to the hamlet of Kruknik to investigate mysterious caravan raids in the area. Following Yeshvin’s advice, they volunteered to guard House Einstoffen’s next shipment of mining supplies to the Cairn Hills. Sure enough, under the cloak of rain and darkness, their camp was ambushed by goblins. Frazzlerazz was nearly killed under the first volley of arrows, but was saved by the timely intervention of the teamsters Kjarkr and Hahndrik. Sir Marolan and Marshenref with the able assistance of the caravan guard Ahnbelka were able to drive off the attackers, Marshenref also falling from multiple arrow wounds.

Sir Marolan and Ahnbelka brought the battered band back to Kruknik, where a traveling priest of Jascar tended to their wounds. When they were able, the heroes escorted the caravan to the mining camps in the hope of luring out the goblins who had escaped, but to no avail. They returned with many unanswered questions, and found that the suspicious young Kerik had left town.

For their able defense of the caravan, however, they passed their initiation. Congrats.

Session 17: Bad Moon on the Rise


Session 15: White Plume Mt. Pt. 3

Characters Present: Berhtold Seiler by JMK, Lothos by Mike, Melfis by JR, Shienda by Greg, Tyllius by Dan.

DM’d by: JMK.

Experience for the night.

Treasure for the night.

Adventure Background

See White Plume Mountain: Wave

Adventure Summary

After feasting on the monstrous crab they defeated earlier in the day the heroes of the Undefeated were relaxing in the Yellowreach Tavern, swapping stories and reminiscing about the day’s events when an unexpected menace developed. Melfis, already asleep for the night, missed the sudden appearance of four Magmin as a traveling bard inadvertently activated a strange magic item that summoned them to the material plane.

The mischievous creatures sought to burn the inn down. Thanks to the heroes’ efforts there were no casualties but in the end the heroes were unable to save the Yellowreach Inn itself.

Upon reaching White Plume Mountain the following day, none other than Seer Brother Yon Chosen appeared before the heroes. He explained that Melfis’ services were needed back at the guild and Berhtold was offered as a replacement. Less than an hour later an angry Yon Chosen appeared again, snatching away Behrtold and once again providing the heroes with Melfis’ services.

All went well until the heroes reached the inverted zigguraut hinted at in the taunting letter that originally led the heroes to this place. It was there that Melfis met his end while combating a Hammerclaw (Stormwrack p.152).

After his death the heroes returned to the village of Yellowreach and discovered that Melfis was happy to remain in the hereafter. He did not want to be raised from the dead. Upon that discovery, a now familiar flash of light appeared and the Seer Brother was once again in their midst. The mighty wizard had brought with him a replacement for the fallen Melfis: none other than Behrtold the Bard.

Several other fights ensued but the heroes, perhaps determined to avenge Melfis’ death, were a force to be reckoned with. No creature stood a chance against these four as the Undefeated cut its way through the rest of the dungeon. Ultimately they recovered Blackrazor, the final magic item that had been stolen, and returned home to Bastion. Upon their arrival there the heroes were greeted with a banquet and all of them were promoted to the rank of deputy for their stalwart performance.

All, that is, save for Behrtold. His response upon hearing this news?


Session 14: White Plume Mt. Pt. 2

Characters Present: Lothos by Mike, Melfis by JR, Shienda by Greg, Tyllius by Dan.

DM’d by: JMK.

Experience for the night.

Treasure for the night.

Adventure Background

See White Plume Mountain: The Search for Whelm

Adventure Summary

While celebrating at the Yellowreach Inn for their victory in having successfully retrieved Whelm the heroes found out that the town’s annual White Plume Dance was about to begin. During the opening ceremonies Shienda was named the White Plume Queen for the night, an annual tradition wherein the town’s revelers choose one eligible woman from among the Dance’s numbers to select any eligible bachelor to be her date for the evening. Shienda ended up selecting from among her party when she gave an enthusiastic nod to Lothos, much to the disappointment of my many of Yellowreach’s citizens.

The opening ceremony was interrupted when (Arcanist/Mystical) Brother Yon Chosen suddenly appeared out of thin air. In his company was none other than Melfis Puninski. Yon explained that Berhtold’s services were needed elsewhere and that Melfis would be replacing him. Berhtold, completely stoned as always, left his haversack behind and Melfis would end up making good use of many of the items contained therein over the next couple of days. Some might think this is the equivalent of stealing, but Melfis has nothing to fear: Berhtold is stoned so often that he’ll never remember the exact number of scrolls or wand charges he had left anyway. After taking Whelm with him, the powerful wizard teleported back to Bastion.

A night of dancing, drinking, and general revelry ensued. At one point Shienda was seen disappearing with Lothos to her bedroom and Tyllius was also not without company when he bedded for the evening. It is unclear whether or not Melfis enjoyed female companionship as he retired early, clearly upset that the woman he claims as his own was in the arms of another man.

The following day the heroes again delved into the depths of White Plume Mountain. Melfis spent an unusual amount of time trying to befriend the sleepy sphinx who guards the entryway but soon the heroes encountered their first serious challenge: a Sea Hag and her terrible companion in the water filled room, an Uchuulon. Both Lothos and Tyllius became dazed under the hag’s deadly stare and Tyllius nearly died as the Uchuullon crushed him in his terrible tentacles. Shienda also nearly died as both the Ucuullon and the Hag attacked her mercilessly but once again she managed to tank successfully for the group. In the end it was Melfis who brought the beast low with a borrowed dagger from Lothos’s boot. The hag died soon after from a lethal blow to the head with which Shienda had meant to stun her.

The heroes were forced to retreat back to Yellowreach in order to regroup. A powerful cleric of Pelor, in town to visit the local temple, was able to restore both Lothos and Tyllius… for a modest donation, of course. After resting the night the heroes returned once more to White Plume Mountain.

The heroes’ next challenge involved a long cylindrical tube that was coated with oil. After receiving a protective spell from Melfis, Shienda ventured inside and ignited the oil, much to her delight. Afterward she and her companions faced a heavily armored human fighter and his love, a female sorcerer who turned out to also be a werewolf. The heroes made short work of them.

Finally the heroes made it to the last room. Inside it they discovered Wave and Melfis easily took it while under the guise of an invisibility spell. However, opening the box that contained it summoned the ire of Wave’s protector, a huge monstrous crab. The crab easily nabbed up Shienda and began to brutally crush the poor woman to pieces in his giant claw. In a desperate attempt to kill the beast and save the woman he claims to be his own, Melfis risked the life of the entire group (and indeed the inhabitants of the entire dungeon). Thankfully his aim was true when using his wand of scorching ray. Unfortunately, though, the crab made short work of his meal and having finished tenderizing Shienda the crab tossed her aside and began to do the same thing to Tyllius. But Lothos felled the beast soon after and it was discovered the Shienda had miraculously survived her ordeal.

The heroes left after that, needing a night to lick their wounds, perhaps celebrate another victory, and prepare for their fourth and possible final foray into the dungeon in order retrieve the last of the stolen items: Blackrazor.

Session 13: Descent into Darkness

Characters Present: Logrin by Mike, Wetherby by Ken, Navarius by Allen, and Grius NPC.

DM’d by: Greg

Adventure Background

See What Lies Beneath.

Adventure Summary

Increased reports of undead activity have been pouring in from the Barony of Koken in the west of the Dutchy, and the Man in Black was sighted in the town of Goldplain and the surrounding area. In response to these reports Prior Brother Yeshvin assembled this group of heroes to investigate the rumors of the Man in Black, bring him in if possible, and deal with any undead they may find along the way.

Prior Brother Yeshvin also told them that he had sent out a special team to investigate the greater undead problem in the area. This group led by Deputy Brother Garom Khuzladar was sent to explore the ruins of the village Lizath, and the surrounding area. They were to share any information that they found with the Deputy Brother, and his group, should they cross paths.

After staying in Geln Pass for the night, and delivering a package of books to Father Galamar (cleric of Pelor) there, they pressed on toward Goldplain. On the way they stumbled across a farm being attacked by a large group of ghouls. During the fight a fire started in the barn, but the Undefeated were so quick in dispatching the vile undead that the farmers were able to put out the fire before it caused real damage.

The farmer expressed his thanks to the heroes by putting them up for the night, and feeding them a hearty dinner. During the meal he told them a now familiar tale of the mysterious Man in Black’s visit to his farm, and how after that fateful visit the dead started to rise and attack his farm.

As the meal ended, and the farmer’s family was heading off to bed, there was a knock on the door. It was an elf wizard with a severe limp who called himself Daelnik. He claimed that his father had been a member of House of Dragons (an adventuring group that was based in the area years ago) and that he had last been investigating a mine that is on the farmer’s property. Daelnik asked the heroes to help him retrieve his father’s journal which he believed contained a divination spell that he could use to locate the Man in Black.

The next day the heroes headed off to the mine shaft leaving their horses in the farmer’s care. Investigations there revealed the tracks of a host of ghouls, and the bottom of the shaft looked to be flooded. So they tied a few ropes together and headed down into darkness.

On the first level of the mine they found signs of an old battle and much carnage. Upon setting off a tripwire several large skeletons and a dwarven wight rose from the floor surrounding the party. They were no match for the Undefeated, although Navarius was struck from behind by two of the monstrous skeletons and nearly perished.

On the second level they found the twisting, mined-out tunnels, walls, floors, and ceilings covered in some moist substance. As the heroes explored further they encountered a gelatinous cube that engulfed Logrin, but it was also no match for the party. The tunnels were already stripped of any visible ore, and the cube had nothing of value floating inside it.

Deep within the mine the heroes discovered the journal that Daelnik had asked them acquire for him. They also found the source of the undead attacking the farm, a dark crystal of great evil power that somehow called an umber hulk to slay the intruders. The beast’s gaze confused Logrin and Grius who began fighting each other before running from the umber hulk and jumping into the water at the bottom of the mine shaft. Wetherby and Navarius were able to finish off the hulking terror which came close to ending another group of adventurers in this dark chamber.

After Grius and Logrin came to their senses they searched the rest of the House of Dragons and found skeletal remains littered on the floor of the cavern. They found a shield with the symbol of that old adventuring group, and Logrin chopped the shadowy crystal from the wall.

When they emerged back into the sunlit world and gave Daelnik his fathers diary the Man in Black arrived on the scene shouting in a raspy voice, “Kreigoth!” Daelnik looked up at the Man in Black in terror and shouted back,”You! I found it, you cannot have it, or me!” He then somehow took the form of a cloud of smoke and flew away, the Man in Black galloping off after him leaving his spare horse behind.

Navarius took the Man in Black’s spare steed and galloped off to the farm to retrieve the party’s horses while Wetherby began tracking the Man in Black. Once Navarius caught up with them they quickened their pace and continued on their way.

The Man in Black took them by surprise and blasted them with a fireball as the rode. A mighty battle ensued in which Brother Grius and Wetherby’s mount lost their lives. Wetherby was cursed, Navarius blinded, and Logrin enfeebled, but it was not enough to save the Man in Black who fell before them taunting them with his last few moments.

He revealed that the elf wizard they knew as Daelnik was actually Kreigoth the Summoner, once a member of the Undefeated, and that he was none other than the lost initiate Hurstok Jevlin. He blamed Kreigoth for his current fiendish state. Right before he died he told them that his master Meldivak was awake and that the Undefeated’s days were numbered for Meldivak would surely destroy them all.

Logrin lead the badly battered group back to Bastion where the shadowy crystal was taken by the Temple of Pelor for study and disposal, and Wetherby and Navarius were restored. The corpse of Grius was taken to the Temple of Kord as well.

After hearing their reports Prior Brother Yeshvin expressed his concern for the group he had sent to explore the site at the old village Lizath. It seemed that all of the Barony of Koken’s undead problems were centered around ancient Sharilizath, and the ruined village Lizath lay under its unholy shadow.

Session 12: White Plume Mountain Pt. 1
The Search for Whelm

Characters Present: Berhtold Seiler by JMK, Lothos by Mike, Shienda by Greg, Tyllius by Dan.

DM’d by: JMK.

After receiving orders to immediately appear at the Central Keep for a meeting with the Lord Commander, the summoned heroes of the Undefeated arrived for the first time at Gravejaw Okz’s office to receive a special, top secret assignment. After inspecting each hero in turn he handed them a taunting letter the guild had recently received:

Search ye far or search ye near,

You’ll find no trace of the three

Unless you follow instructions clear,

For the weapons abide with me.


South past forest, farm, and furrow

You must go to reach the feathered mound.

Then down away from the sun you’ll burrow—

Forget life, forget light, forget sound.


To rescue Wave, you must do battle

With the Beast in the Boiling Bubble.

‘cross cavern vast, where chain-links rattle

Lies Whelm, past waterspouts double.


Blackrazor remains to be won

Underneath inverted ziggurat.

That garnered, think not that you’re done,

For now you’ll find you are caught.


I care not, former owners brave,

What heroes you seek to hire.

Though mighty, each shall be my slave

Or vanish into the fire. Signed, I.

The heroes were further briefed by Prior Brother Yeshivin that the letter had been received some days earlier and that the guild’s armory had been checked: indeed, the legendary weapon, Whelm, a warhammer that Gravejaw himself had once wielded in battle, was missing. The other two legendary weapons of note, Wave and Blackrazor, were also confirmed stolen from the vaults of wealthy collectors in the city of Bastion.

Undefeated scholars determined that the “feathered mound” mentioned in the note could only be White Plume Mountain, and ancient hold of Illstood the Betrayer himself. The signed initial at the end seemed to suggest that Illstood was behind the robberies of these powerful weapons of legend, yet Gravejaw had his doubts.

He angrily declared, “Seek out this mountain and bring me back my Whelm! Bring me back all the weapons, if you can, and also the head of this impostor who would dare declare he is the Great betrayer himself!”

After preparing for the long, arduous journey to [Nyrond?] the heroes set out. Upon first entering White Plume Mountain they successfully answered a riddle from the Gatekeeper, a Sphinx at the center of the entry that opened into three paths: one east, one west, one north. The heroes chose east in their quest for Whelm having been advised to do so by Yeshivin after receiving a vision from his god, Pelor.

Several puzzles and dangerous challenges nearly foiled the group but in the end the heroes successfully tracked down and destroyed a dwarven vampire who had Whelm in his possession. Deciding to rest before seeking out the remaining two weapons the heroes returned to the nearby village of Yellowreach.


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