The Undefeated

Session 11: What Lies Beneath

Characters Present: Logrin by Mike, Lessyria by John, Lucius Von Brimstone, and Yurazi NPC.

DM’d by: Greg

Adventure Summary

In search of four missing Guild Brothers the heroes arrive in the village of Geln Pass to find an elaborate funeral where the guest of honor is staked and beheaded by villagers reeking of garlic. The graveyard is over run by ghouls and other undead evil, and the four missing members of the Undefeated disappeared trying to cleanse the graveyard.

The heroes questioned Father Galamar, the village priest, Nalik the tavern keep, and a few others about what was going on. It seemed the trouble all started after the village was visited by the mysterious Man in Black. No one saw his face, and he possessed magical powers. The old priest of Pelor, Father Turim, traded him a horse and died shortly after (of natural causes).

In the center of the cemetery lay the tomb of Hagron, a local hero and paladin of Heironius, who died helping repel an invasion of rampaging orcs during the Greyhawk Wars. Under the tomb’s foundations the heroes found a much older crypt which served as the lair of the ghouls. Within the crypt they encountered traps, undead, and found the bodies of their four missing guild brothers.

Upon reaching the service they found a group of ghouls clambering back to the crypt with a fresh batch of corpses. Lucius commanded them to kill one another, and they returned to town to tell them that the ghouls had been defeated. Unfortunately the Man in Black was still at large, and they had not encountered anything to led them to his current whereabouts.

Session 10: Lest Darkness Rise
A simple delivery

Characters Present: Berhtold Seiler by JMK, Lothos by Mike, Melfis by JR, Shienda by Greg.

Session 9: Assault on the Iron Citadel of Dumadan

Characters Present: Berhtold Seiler & Lessyria by JMK, Melfis Puninski & Lucius Von Brimstone by JR, Tyllius & Grastul by Dan, Navarius & Marduk by Allen, Logrin & Lothos by Mike, and Wetherby & Kleptoe by Ken.

DM’d by Greg.

Adventure Background

See Stone Heart and To Find Courage.

Nearly two years have passed since the dwarves were first invaded. Now the menace has been contained in the fortress which they are at last ready to retake.

They have been waiting, hoping that the invaders would simply perish, but it was not to be so. Instead the invanders have prospered and still they remain in the fortress at the center of the city.

Adventure Summary

The great halls of Dumadan were once again filled with life, laughter and joy, but flowing underneath these currents of happiness lay an overwhelming anger that the Derro and their vile compatriots still held the fortress. At last the Ankrif-Loem had prepared to begin the final assault to rid themselves of the Derro stench, and to retake their defiled fortress.

Several key missions that needed to be accomplished before the main assault. First and foremost was the rescue of those dwarves who had been captured. Beyond that the next most important objective was to protect the rescue groups, and to secure a path for them in and out of the fortress. The third objective, which was critical to the success of all the others was reconnaissance before the attacks and rescues could even take place.

All of these objectives were accomplished on the first day of the battle. There were only light losses and hopes were high that the Citadel would be taken on the morrow with little loss of life. The information retrieved proved of great use in planning the attacks for the main assault, and they took advantage of everything reported.

The next day the main assault went better then anyone dared imagine it would. Not only was the citadel retaken and the last of the Derro, Trolls, and other fiendish beasts crushed, but it was accomplished with only minor losses amongst the dwarves (7% of able bodied men and women) and the Duchal Guard (only 5% of their number were casualties). There was much rejoicing, and praise for the Undefeated who were responsible for the success of many of the key missions.

Session 8: A Plea from Beyond the Grave

Characters Present: Berhtold Seiler by JMK, Melfis Puninski by JR, Tyllius by Dan.

DM’d by Greg.

Adventure Background

See Plague of the Third Season, The Bronze Cabal, and The Defenders of the Light.

Adventure Summary

The adventure began in the Bones and Feathers Inn as they so often do. This one was different however as the it begun with the heroes encountering two odd, floating hands that beckoned them to follow. They guided them out of Bastion to the door of an old and rundown tower.

When the heroes entered the tower they were confronted by the spirit of Weslin Fraimekkian, actually an illusion cast by an evil priest of Incabulos. The priest was looking for unknowing minions to carry out his unholy tasks. The illusory ghost asked for the heroes’ help in finding items that had recently been looted from his tomb. He informed the heroes that the items’ theft is the reason for his haunting, and their return will reunite him with his family. The items are the Black Stone of Harrowing Dreams and a holy relic, the Holy Chalice of Rao.

After accepting the ghost’s quest, and watching him be pulled into the earth by infernal hands, the heroes began searching the tower. They descended into the basement first where they found a scarred man and two bugbears executing a prisoner. A battle ensued, and Melfis Puninski was slain by one of the hairy beasts. After the battle they took Melfis’ dismembered corpse back to the Undefeated Grounds where he was brought back to life thanks to gold his father, Dufus Puninski, had left with the guild for just such an occasion. Melfis reported becoming a pigeon and being fed birdseed by other birds in the afterlife.

Next the heroes went in search of the Holy Chalice of Rao. They found the home of the supposed shady merchant Ploellin near the temple of Rao. It was a plain affair, and inside they found a holy man in spartan living quarters and not a merchant as the ghost had told them. Ploellin, a priest and retired Honored Brother, was more than happy to allow members of the guild to use the relic, but he was confused as to why the ghost would have said that it was stolen from his tomb. Ploellin had found the chalice before the Defenders of the Light had joined the undefeated, and was sure that the ghost must either be mistaken, or he was deliberately misleading the party. He advised caution, and asked that if at all possible they return the chalice to him.

After retrieving the chalice the heroes traveled to the site of an old temple of Rao outside of town. It had been abandoned during the rule of Duke Justinian Lorinar who had increased the temple taxes by some three hundred percent upon taking office. They found the temple desecrated. The cemetery graves had been dug up and the corpses placed onto the ruined altar within. They found the stone and a book hidden away within a small shed outside the temple. There was a word inscribed on the stone, and Berhtold read it aloud enacting the curse of the stone which made him very possessive of the evil relic. Inside the book were dark and strange religious parables written in blood. That night, as they made camp in the temple grounds they were attacked by dire wolves and rats.

With both of the items the ghost had requested they returned to Bastion and sought a meeting with Prior Brother Yeshivin. They told him of what they had found, and handed over the book and the chalice for him to look at. Berhtold refused to give up the stone and Yeshivin, guessing at what was happening, commanded Tyllius to subdue the bard. While Tyllius held him Yeshivin called upon the power of Pelor to remove the curse. Berhtold gladly handed over the stone after that.

With Prior Brother Yeshivin they returned to the tower to remove whatever evil presence haunted the place. When they arrived the ghost did not appear, but its voice could be heard telling them to place the objects on the mantle. Yeshvin informed them that he did not feel the presence of undeath in the tower, and they headed up to the top of the tower. They entered the top most chamber, the walls of which were lined with skulls and in the center were two statues of infernal creatures flanking a portal, just in time to see a man in black robes enter the portal and escape them.

Prior Brother Yeshivin saw too the destruction of the cursed stone and thanked them for their initiative and bravery. Then the heroes returned the chalice to Ploellin who listened intently to their tale. He told them of the his adventures with the Defenders of the Light and The Bronze Cabal, closing by telling him how he was glad that there were heroes such as them to carry on the good work.

Session 7: To Find Courage

Characters Present: Behrtold Seiler by JMK, Logrin by Mike, Tyllius by Dan, Wetherby by Ken.

DM’d By Greg.

Adventure Background

See Stone Heart.

The Ankrif-Loem have summoned many adventurers to aid their attack on the citadel of Dumadan. However, before that happens they must make preparations. One of those preparations is the recovery of the War Banner of Dumadan. This banner has always served as a rally point for the defenders of the city and much superstition surrounds it. The populace of the city believes that the assault and recapture of the citadel will fail unless the War Banner is found. This treasure was lost in the rush of the Derro invasion and the members of the Ankrif-Loem have received information about its possible location. Thus, they have called on the Undefeated to follow up on the information and retrieve the standard if possible.

The War Banner is believed to be held in Gren Dunn, the armory and barracks of Dumadan, but the tunnel leading to Gren Dunn is flooded. A new tunnel has been dug to Gren Laerd, the grounds of the bardic college, and it is hoped that the heroes will be able reach Gren Dunn from there.

Adventure Summary

The heroes traveled into Gren Laerd and found several sickly looking dwarves, that had clearly lost their wits, among the giant mushroom stalks that grow around the caverns lake. They attempted to begin a meaningful discourse with this poor creatures, and were taken by surprise by invisible phantom fungi.

After dispatching the fungi they traveled on to the college buildings and met with Bardic Master Urolfen Gundabil who was thankfully still sane. He told them of the undead attacks coming from the tunnel to Gren Dunn, and was very interested in all that they had to say about the war effort and the greater world. He and those of his students that remained alive had been trapped in Gren Laerd for about a year and a half by this point, and he was relieved to hear that the far gates had closed off the Derro reinforcements and preparations for war were already underway. He gave them what little aid he could, and told the heroes all he knew of the undead pouring out of Gren Dunn.

The travel through the tunnel to Gren Dunn was uneventful, but corpses littered the ground in several places. Upon reaching the cavern they found no trace of survivors, and began exploring the buildings. In there explorations they encountered little undead resistance which they quelled easily.

Eventually there searching brought them to a chamber in which a demented Derro necromancer was raising skeletons, presumably to send against Gren Laerd. Standing behind the small sorcerer was a skeleton wielding the War Banner of Dumadan, and it’s power aided the skeletons and Derro sorcerer in there fight against the Undefeated. Tyllius made short work of the skeletons with a few mighty swings of his spiked chain, and in seconds the Derro found himself alone and cornered. It was easy enough to dispatch the outnumbered necromancer after that, and Logrin stepped over his corpse to retrieve the War Banner.

Upon there return the Ankrif-Loem thanked them all, and there was a celebration in their honor, and in honor of the return of the War Banner of Dumadan. Now the war plans could move forward, and the heroes swore that they’d return to help with the final assault.

Session 5: Stone Heart

Characters Present: Berhtold Seiler by JMK, Grastul by Dan, Logrin by Mike, and Scamp NPC.

DM’d by: Greg

Adventure Background

Since before the founding of Dumadan, the Derro and the Dwarves there have had a long-standing rivalry. In the early months of CY 590, the Derro amassed an army of several thousand warriors, savants, and twisted creatures so vile that few care to remember them. They did so for two reasons. First, they were fleeing the Orcs who had ended their long war with the Koa-Toa and were now seeking revenge on the Derro for past actions. Sencond, the Derro had a new ally who had agreed to help them take Dumadan.

Adventure Summary

The Undefeated sent the group under the leadership of Deputy Brother Garom Khuzladar, dwarf paladin of Moradin and citizen of Dumadan, to answer the call to arms of the Ankrif-Loem (Clan Council) of Dumadan put forth across the Dutchy and beyond into the realms of Oerth.

On the way to Dumadan the band of Undefeated stopped in Seltaren for the night. The heroes stayed at the Borderlands Tavern where they saved a young halfling girl called Scamp from some disgruntled porters. It seemed that she had caused injury to one of their friends, and they meant to make her pay. Upon questioning Scamp they came to the conclusion that she was in fact a sorceress (which she denied), and it was decided that they would take her with them so that she could be trained to better control her powers under the watchful eye of the Undefeated.

Upon reaching Dumadan the heroes were asked to enter the city and close the far gates beyond which lays the underdark. Logrin, a member of the group had opened those very gates as a child, and had fled Dumadan in his shame. The rest of the members of the Undefeated lead by Garom were to lead an assault against the Derro as a diversion.

First they came to the gate of Dumadan in the Hall of Ancients, the only viable entrance to the city. Ancient magical defenses, which were enabled when the dwarves left, guarded the gate and worked to prevent passage from both inside and out. After solving the riddle of the Hall of Ancients the heroes entered Dumadan and made their way through the destroyed and desecrated districts of the city. There were many obvious signs of Derro occupation, such as holy symbols of Diirinka, the Derro deity, murdered corpses, corrupted creatures, denizens of the deep, and even further vile atrocities.

Some portions of the city were unreachable due to the destruction of the Derro, however, a very large area was still open for the heroes to explore. They chose to head straight to the gate, and took no detours on the way to the far gates.

The core areas through which they traveled were fully occupied by Derro and their minions, and the heroes encountered several patrols of gnoll guards on their journey through the city.

In the center of Dumadan, outside the Iron Citadel, the heroes entered the shrine of Angthrak. Angthrak was a great hero to the Dwarven people and in his shrine the party aquired his axe and an ancient journal written by the Ankrif Thren Haorgast. The journal recorded the history of the founding of the city, and was a clue to just how ancient the Ankrif Haorgast really is.

In the Iron Citadel it could be seen that the Derro were building a temple to further twist Dumadan to their own needs. The large iron tower springing from the center of the fortress of Dumadan was still under construction by the Derro as the heroes traveled through.

As the went further in they encountered strange creatures, and more patrols, but no actual Derro. There greatest challenge lay in wait at the gate itself in the form of a holding force of gnoll warriors lead by a particularly nasty gnoll barbarian who nearly defeated the party single handedly.

Once the force at the gate was defeated the heroes quickly figured out how to close the gate, and did so just in time as a force of Derro rushed from the underdark to attack. One of the Derro in that force was even crushed beneath the great stone gate as it closed.

After finishing their task the party of heroes made haste for the surface victorious. Upon their arrival the Ankrif-Loem lead the charge to retake the city, and although they were unable to do so entirely they did set a foothold for themselves that day. In do course the heroes of the Undefeated were rewarded, but warned that their help would be needed in the near future.

Session 4: The Night Where Nothing Happens
A night when all went right.

Characters Present: Shienda by Greg, Melfis Puninski by JR, Logrin by Mike, Grastul by Dan.

DM’d by: JMK

Adventure Summary

After clearing out the mines near Barrow’s Edge, the newly made brothers and sister of the guild ran across an important member of the guild: Honored Brother Eustice Crookrows. At his behest the heroes went south to Sulteran to attempt to re-establish contacts with the thieves guilds in that city. It turned out that an annual “game” was being played by the thieves that night, a game in which nothing is supposed to really happen. But things went awry when one of the groups competing in this scavenger hunt was brutally murdered.

In the end the heroes managed to not only win the game for the sole survivor of the slaughtered group, a man named Falls, but they also managed to expose the group of tyflings who were responsible for that act. In the end the heroes vanquished the tyflings and managed to re-establish formal communication between Eustice and Masseri, the leader of the thieves of Sulteran.

Session 3: Lothos' Day.
His past came back to haunt him.

Characters Present: Lothos by Mike, Shaunesshen (NPC), Tyllius by Dan, Vaughna by Greg.

DM’d by JMK.

Adventure Summary

Lothos and his fellow brothers and sister of the Undefeated Guild were sent on a mission back to the cave near Barrow’s Edge to exterminate some orcs who had reoccupied that hold. On their way there the heroes were captured and transported to another plane of existence by a powerful mage in the employ of Lothos’ old boss, a thieves’ guild leader in the city of Dyvers.

While in this plane Lothos was the only one who was still himself. Everyone else was brainwashed and totally believed that life in the Vale was the life they’d always led. Vaughna was a doctor happily married to Shaunessen and Tyllius was a simple laborer who drove carts for a living. They were happy and content in this very peaceful and idealistic world and they refused to believe Lothos when he told them that they were actually adventurers in a world much larger than the one they knew.

In the end, however, Lothos managed to shake off the perfect realty his old self would have embraced. He chose instead to remain the hero he has become and by doing so he released both Tyllius and Vauhna from their stupor.

Session 2: Scourge of the Howling Horde
The dragon who howled its last.

Characters Present: Lothos by Mike, Tyllius by Dan, Vaughna by Greg, Wedlam (NPC).

DM’d by: JMK.

Adventure Summary

When word reached the Undefeated Guild that trouble was afoot in the nearby village of Barrow’s Edge, Prior Brother Yeshivin Waterpool dispatched four newly initiated members of the guild to investigate. Vaughna, Lothos, Tyllius, and Wedlam traveled to the village and soon found themselves inside a cave infested with orcs and goblins. Fighting their way through the heroes ultimately came upon a black wrymling who, apparently, had taken control of this tribe of orcs. After a ferocious battle the heroes slayed the black beast and later presented its head to the citizens of Barrow’s Edge.

Session 1: The Burning Plague
The First Initiation

Characters Present: Lothos, played by Mike, Tyllius, played by Dan, Vaughna, played by Greg, Margareth Roht, NPC

DM’d By: JMK

Adventure Summary

The four Initiates of the guild ventured forth to the small town of Duvik’s Pass to investigate a strange plague that was ravaging the land. On the way to Duvik’s Pass they were waylaid by a group of five strange ant-like creatures none of them had ever seen before. The group successfully fought off and killed the five aggressors.

Later the heroes investigated a mine near Duvik’s Pass and found that it was infested with kobolds. While Margareth sadly fell in battle the heroes managed to clear the mines and defeat an evil orc cleric who had been poisoning the town’s water supply. Upon returning to Bastion the heroes were able to take their oaths and become full brothers of the guild.


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