Shameless Shienda

Petite and athletic Shienda is a vision in action or at rest. Her clothing bear images of flames and serpentine dragons, and are in bright firey hues like her flowing hair. Her smile and large violet eyes are friendly. Her manner confident but relaxed.


Class/Level: Monk/4 Rogue/4

Size: Medium Age: 20 Gender: Female Height: 5’6” Weight: 110 lbs.

Eyes: Violet Hair: Red Skin: White Alignment: LN

STR 12/+1 (14/+2) DEX 14/+2 CON 12/+1 (14/+2) INT 14/+2 WIS 16/+3 CHA 10/0

Saving Throws

Fortitude: +8 (+5 base, +2 CON, +1 resistance)

Reflex: +11 (+8 base, +2 DEX, +1 resistance)

Will: +9 (+5 base, +3 WIS, +1 resistance)

HP: 55 Speed: 40 ft.(50 ft.) Initiative: +2 (DEX)

AC: 16 (2 DEX, 3 WIS, 1 natural armor), Touch: 15, Flat-Footed: 16

Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+8


Birth date: Fireseek 25, 572 CY

Birth place: Leukish, Duchy of Urnst

History: Shienda was born into the Nalshar family in the first year of Karll Lorinar’s (the current Duke of Urnst) reign. In the early years of his reign he was adventuring more often then not, and Hadric, the mayor of Leukish, really ran things. The self-interested mayor gripped the land in an economic stranglehold. Until about 581 CY when Karll came to his senses and banished Hardic. By then it was too late for the Nalshar family. They had made a deal with the devil, and in this case the devil was the Scarlet Brotherhood. Shienda was a part of the deal.

When she was only six years old she was sent to a secret monastery somewhere in the Cairn Hills. It was known as the Temple of the Scarlet Flame, and the students there were not only taught the martial arts. Shienda learned of the strictures of Pyremius (god of fire, poison, and murder), and how to make and use poison. She was to be an assassin, a weapon for the Father of Obedience (secret leader of the Scarlet Brotherhood). The training was tough, but Shienda took to it quickly. Sheinda became a model student, and excelled at fighting, athletics, and poison making, even mastering the languages of the dragons and the beings of flame.

She studied, and trained, and grew as strong and as quick as she was becoming beautiful. The young girl was not really happy there, but it was not all bad. Although she wanted to run and play and have fun, she was at least glad to be learning of fighting and fire. It was the only life she had known for years when in 583 CY, in the midst of the Greyhawk Wars, a small army of Undefeated fell upon the temple. She (along with many of the other children) was rounded up after the battle by members of the ever victorious Undefeated, and brought back to Bastion as prisoners. The children were questioned, and many of their families were found guilty of treason or other crimes. Many fled or were imprisoned, but most of those families found to be in league with the Scarlet Brotherhood were hunted down and executed. Shienda’s parents were amongst those caught after the war, and they were tried and put to death for treason and crimes against the Duchy and its citizens. (They had been organizing other Suel to commit violent crimes against the Rhennee bargefolk in Leukish).

Shienda was given the chance to atone for her families miss deeds. She was brought into the monastery on the Undefeated grounds, the Temple of the Tri-Fold Path. There she was retrained in not only the physical disciplines of the martial arts but the mental and spiritual aspects as well. The teachings had an effect on her, and while she secretly retained some of her older training (going over it in her head and practicing while alone) she also took to heart many of the lessons she learned from Master Zalsmi, and his favored senior students.

For her initiation into the guild she was given the task of hunting down an elf summoner named Kreigoth who had gone rogue from the guild and holed up in the ruins of Sharilazth. He was not thought to be much of a threat as he had only been a full member of the guild for about a year. A druid (female Sylvan elf named Alyshia Summersong), a wizard (Suel male Hurstok Jevlin), and a rogue (gnome male named Rando Fizzlethilk) were her companions, and together they were mostly successful (the wizard, Hurstok, was pulled into a dark, evil plane by a fiend while they battled the the last of Kreigoth’s fiendish minions).

Shienda wonders if they picked her for that mission to reminder her to not betray them to the Scarlet Brotherhood. She finds such ideas humorous. The Undefeated have given her more freedom than she ever had at the Temple of the Scarlet Flame, and she has made friends amongst its ranks. Many of these friends call her ‘Shameless Shienda’ because of her devil may care attitude, and the provocative way she dresses and caries herself. A few who know of her families past call her ‘Scarlet Shienda’ and she often plays it off as a comment on her beautiful red hair and color of most of her clothing, but sometimes being called by this name can set her off. She of course knows that they are referencing her families involvement in the Scarlet Brotherhood but tries to laugh it off to fight the spread of those rumors, and to further show that she feels no ties to the clandestine Suelious group.

Now she is a loyal member of the Undefeated. Although she has renounced the teachings of Pyremius and the philosophies of the Scarlet Brotherhood she is now attempting to remember the style of fighting she learned at the Temple of Scarlet Flame. She is taking what she remembers of the Scarlet Flame style, which was focused on quick strikes to vital areas (most often used by assassins), and blending it with the training she’s received at the Temple of the Tri-Fold Path to make her own style which she calls the Darting Dragon style.

Shameless Shienda

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