Melfis Puninski

Dorky little guy with a speach problem, but very likeable.


Spellthief 5 Rogue 1

STR 10 (only workout he gets if cleaning the privy.)

DEX 14 (gotta be quick when people like to throw stuff at you)

CON 12 (tough enough for any cleaning job)

INT 14 (likes to read)

WIS 10 (wisdom comes with age)

CHA 16 (18 with cloak. thinks he has a way with the ladies)

Brand new +1 Heavy Crossbow “I’m packing some firepower now”

Acrobat Boots “I can really move in these”


Melfis Puninski is the cousin of Ralphis J. Puninski. Ralpis hails from the Principality of Ulek. Melfis is a devought follower of the Suel God Phaulkon. He feeds the pigeons in front of the church everyday. This is also where a holy father taught him how to use a crossbow as archery is a tenant of Phaulkon.

Melfis Puninski

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