Lessyria Olzep

This beautiful woman sees beauty in all things.


Lessyria was born in the city of Highfolk. Her birth was a surprise to both of her Flannish parents. Minutes earlier her older sister had already been delivered by a well-to-do cleric of Pelor. Lessyria was, thus, the younger of a set of twins. Unfortunately, Lessyria would not really ever get to know her twin sister.

At the age of three, while traveling to Leukish, Lessyria’s identical twin sister was lost when several brigands, led by a half-orc brute, attacked her family’s caravan. Lessyria and her parents managed to get away but her sister was lost in the attack.

Despite this loss, Lessyria eventually realized that life was full of wonder and beauty. She felt the touch of her goddess, Myrhiss (pronounced MEE-ris) the Thrice Kissed, at a very young age. When her parents died of a plague she even saw beauty in that. Her heart was torn but the young lady smiled at the tragedy and moved to Bastion.

To support herself, Lessyria painted portraits for the well-to-do in the mighty city for quite some time. Her talent with the brush provided her with food and clothing. It also, eventually, led her to a powerful member of the Undefeated.

It was the scoundrel named Eustice Crookrows who first recognized her potential. He convinced her that she could do more than just paint, and after training her in art of combat he sponsored her to join the Undefeated guild. Lessyria accepted because she saw beauty in the heart and soul of Bastion. She felt that Myrhiss had sent her there on purpose.

Lessyria Olzep

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