Bouphen Battlesmith

His short blond hair is parted down the middle and he has a long curly handlebar moustache and a long soul-patch under his lip. He has a sturdy compact build, and a winning smile.


Class/Level: Fighter/4

Size: Small Age: 45 Gender: Male Height: 3’6” Weight: 46 lbs.

Eyes: Blue Hair: Light blond Skin: White Alignment: LG

STR 12/+1 DEX 13/+1 CON 16/+3 INT 13/+1 WIS 10/0 CHA 13/+1

Saving Throws

Fortitude: +7 (+4 base, +3 CON)

Reflex: +2 (+1 base, +1 DEX)

Will: +1 (+1 base, +0 WIS)

HP: 40 Speed: 20 ft. Initiative: +1 (DEX)

AC: 12 (1 DEX, 1 size), Touch: 12, Flat-Footed: 11

Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+1


Full Name: Uranaddigaer Lenvar Owgarneb Bouphen Nebiarum Battlesmith Zerkifaltukk

Birth date: Patchwall 13, 546 CY

Birth place: The Gnomish Village of Wannsfen (Falsehills) just outside of Libernen, Capitol of The Gold County, Furyondy

History: Born in Wannsfen to Euas and Dalowi Zerkifaltukk, and raised on the romantic Furyondian tales of heroism and chivalry. All his life Bouphen has wanted to slay the dragon, save the damsel, and be a hero.

Of the old stories his favorite was that of Sir Boffin the Hedge Knight. Although of low birth Sir Boffin had bravery and chivalry to spare. Despite his shortness of stature he overcame witches, giants, and other monsters with wit, cunning, and dashing swordplay. The young gnome loved the stories so much that his uncle Merrill the Mage started calling him Bouphen, and soon he would answer to nothing else.

The oldest of three siblings Bouphen has two younger sisters. His youngest sister was born midsummer 585 CY and goes by the name Owneb. She is small, cute, and friendly. The middle sister goes by Swat and was born in 568 CY. She is still young, and shows promise as a baker and inventor of tools that aid in the preparation of foodstuffs. The nickname, Swat, comes from her penchant to swat others’ hands away from her pastries and cookies while they cool. Bouphen always watched out for his little sisters, and he often writes to his family now that he is living far away in Bastion.

Bouphen trained as an armor smith under Maester Rasgar during his adolescence. He showed great promise, and it was under Rasgar’s tutelage that Bouphen began planning his life’s great work; adamantine battle plate. Often, while making a helm or shield, Bouphen’s imagination would get the best of him and he would drift off into a dream world in which he was the brave warrior and gallant hero. Maester Rasgar would find him smiling and starring into space. This prompted him to begin calling Bouphen by the kindly mocking name Nebiarum (which means ‘young hero’ in the gnomish tongue).

For as long as Bouphen can remember his best friend has been his cousin Fenflans. They would fight with sticks for swords and pot lids for shields as children, and as young adults they continued the tradition by sparing with one another. Fenflans ended up joining the Wannsfen guard and received formal training in arms. Not one to be left out Bouphen took on the arms training as well, while continuing to hone his skill at armor smithing. He set to both tasks with dedication and fervor, in recognition of this his cousin began calling him Battlesmith. Bouphen loved the nickname so much he uses it to this day, although he rarely has a chance to visit his cousin Fenflans back in Furyondy these days.

After completing his training and the plans for his mithral battle plate Bouphen left the serene village of Wannsfen in search of the glory and honor of heroism, as well as a suitable amount of mithral to craft his master work. During his search he heard of the Undefeated and their headquarters in Bastion. It seemed a sign from the gods, an omen like in the tales of old. He has long since reached Bastion and now works for the Undefeated as an armor smith while crafting his own armor and training in arms during the little time he has to himself. Once his mithral suit is ready he will begin, in earnest, to tread the path of the hero.

Bouphen Battlesmith

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