Berhtold Seiler

A grungy looking half-elf with red hair, long leather coat, and usually half-closed eyes.


Berhtold Seiler

Male Half-Elf; Medium Humanoid (Elf)


Hit Dice: (6d6)

Hit Points: 26

Initiative: +2

Speed: Walk 30 ft.

AC: 16 (touch 12, flatfooted 14)

Attacks: Rapier +5; *Shortbow +1 (Composite) +7;

Damage: Rapier 1d6+1; *Shortbow +1 (Composite) 1d6+1;

Vision: Low-light

Face / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.

Special Attacks: Bardic Countersong, Bardic Fascinate, Bardic Suggestion

Special Qualities: Armored Casting, Bardic Inspire Competence, Bardic Inspire Courage, Bardic Knowledge, Bardic Music, Immunity to magic sleep effects, +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects, Elven Blood

Saves: Fortitude: +2, Reflex: +7, Will: +4

Abilities: STR 12 (+1), DEX 14 (+2), CON 10 (+0), INT 16 (+3), WIS 8 (-1), CHA 16 (+3)

Skills: Appraise: 3; Balance: 2; Bluff: 8; Climb: 1; Concentration: 9; Craft (Untrained): 3; Diplomacy: 9; Disguise: 3; Escape Artist: 5; Forgery: 3; Gather Information: 10; Heal: 1; Hide: 5; Intimidate: 5; Jump: 1; Knowledge (Arcana): 4; Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 4; Knowledge (History): 8; Knowledge (Local): 6; Knowledge (Nature): 6; Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty): 4; Knowledge (Religion): 7; Knowledge (The Planes): 7; Listen: 0; Move Silently: 7; Perform (Oratory): 12; Ride: 2; Search: 4; Sense Motive: 1; Spellcraft: 10; Spellcraft (Decipher spell on scroll): 12; Spot: 0; Survival: -1; Swim: 1; Use Magic Device: 12; Use Magic Device (Scroll): 14; Use Rope: 2;

Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light), Extra Music, Lyric Spell, Obscure Lore, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency

Challenge Rating: 6

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Possessions: Handy Haversack; Healing Belt; Horse (Light); Memento Magica; Entertainer’s Outfit; Rapier; Scroll (Bear’s Endurance); Scroll (Bull’s Strength); Scroll (Cat’s Grace); Scroll (Cure Moderate Wounds); Scroll (Delay Poison); Shortbow +1 (Composite); Studded Leather +1; Wand (Cure Light Wounds);

Bard – Spells per Day: (3/4/3/0/0/0/0/0/0/ DC:13 + spell level); Known: Level 0: Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation, Read Magic, Resistance Level 1: Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Inspirational Boost Level 2: Cure Moderate Wounds, Entice Gift, Mirror Image


Behrtold has lived a neat life. He thinks it’s totally badass that he gets to work for a guild of heroes, telling stories and finding constant new material for the ones he plans to one day write. And he’s definitely going to, but first he’s going to get high…

Another thing about Behrtold: he has a thing for Sheinda who he believes to be a “hot piece of A”.

Berhtold Seiler

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