• Berhtold Seiler

    Berhtold Seiler

    A grungy looking half-elf with red hair, long leather coat, and usually half-closed eyes.
  • Bouphen Battlesmith

    Bouphen Battlesmith

    His short blond hair is parted down the middle and he has a long curly handlebar moustache and a long soul-patch under his lip. He has a sturdy compact build, and a winning smile.
  • Brother Logrin Gundabil

    Brother Logrin Gundabil

    A brawlin' boozin' mountain dwarf
  • Chief Brother Sir Baldric Ironwall

    Chief Brother Sir Baldric Ironwall

    Ehlonna's champion!
  • Deputy Brother Lothos

    Deputy Brother Lothos

    The bad boy of the Undefeated!
  • Lessyria Olzep

    Lessyria Olzep

    This beautiful woman sees beauty in all things.
  • Lucius Von Brimstone

    Lucius Von Brimstone

    Tall pale bald man
  • Marshenref Nalshar

    Marshenref Nalshar

    This pale skinned, white-haired albino looks like he's about to kick your ass.
  • Melfis Puninski

    Melfis Puninski

    Dorky little guy with a speach problem, but very likeable.
  • Merrill Spellweaver

    Merrill Spellweaver

    This diminutive wizard is clad in fine embroidered robes and wears a monocel over his left eye. His white hair is neat and trim despite his obvious comb-over and his moustache and beard are full and healthy.
  • Narrinian Goldvein III

    Narrinian Goldvein III

    Also known as "the crying one", this rather strange looking dwarf struts around like he knows everything but will break down in tears if proven wrong or denied a delicious carrot.
  • Shameless Shienda

    Shameless Shienda

    Petite and athletic Shienda is a vision in action or at rest. Her clothing bear images of flames and serpentine dragons, and are in bright firey hues like her flowing hair. Her smile and large violet eyes are friendly. Her manner confident but relaxed.
  • Vaughna the Cuthbertine

    Vaughna the Cuthbertine

    Clad in steel, and bearing the symbols of her faith, is Vaughna. White tusks jut from her lower jaw through lips that rarely smile bellow a band of dark freckles. Her down cast eyes are pale blue, and her long braid is tied with white and red bows.
  • Margareth Roht

    Margareth Roht

    A small and plucky halfling druid.
  • Scamp


    Framing her young pretty face are streeks of white hair, which make up the bangs of her otherwise long and lusterous brown hair. Her nose is small beneath her big emerald green eyes.
  • Sister Yurazi of House Shardor

    Sister Yurazi of House Shardor

    Yurazi is tall, lithe, and lovely. She has a glow about her, and her movements are controlled and lady like. Even in her shinning full plate, with her shield on her arm and her sword on her hip, she is graceful and beautiful.