The Undefeated

Session 22: The Past Shall Haunt Us

Characters Present: Jet Loo by JR, Lothos by Mike, Shaunesshen as Cohort to Vaughna by Greg, Tyllius by Dan, Weatherby by Ken.

DM’d by: JMK

Experience for the Night

Treasure for the Night

Adventure Summary

While on assignment in the County of Urnst the heroes of the Undefeated were contacted by Trenton, the head clergyman of the Demon Hunters of the Cloth. He begged their help in capturing a demon who had escaped from Ventnor and who was possibly in residence in a cave near the half-orc village of Arton.

Arton’s mayor, a half-orc named Ramar, was eager to help the band of heroes. Unfortunately his past came back to haunt him when a green dragon and its siblings attacked the town to avenge their little brother whom Ramar had killed and skinned many years ago. Ramar fell during the attack but with the help of the heroes the village of Arton managed to fight off the beasts.

Later the next day the heroes found the demon they had been sent to find. Upon their return to Radigast, Trenton thanked them for their invaluable help.



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