The Undefeated

Session 19: Slaughter of the Orcs

Wherein the Orcs were Woefully Outmatched

Characters Present: Jet Loo by JR, Logrin by Mike, Shaunesshen as Cohort to Vaughna by Greg, Tyllius by Dan.

DM’d by: JMK

Experience for the Night

Treasure for the Night

Adventure Summary:

After a strange woman from a far off, exotic land stumbled across a dying Brother of the Undefeated she traveled to Bastion in order to deliver his body and dying words to his father, Eustice Crookrows. Upon learning of his son’s latest death the cranky Honored Brother dispatched Vaughna, Shaunhessen, Logrin, and Tyllius to get revenge but not before first bestowing a gift to Shaunhessen in the form of a magical spiked gauntlet. The large barbarian was quick to give this gift to the “pretty lady” Vaughna and the mysterious Jet Loo agreed to travel with the heroes.

Upon reaching the orcs’ lair the Undefeated were attacked by a stone giant. A couple lobbed boulders later a mighty melee ensued. Jet Loo ended up using her blast orbs to nearly fell the giant.

The only major challenge the heroes encountered in the lair itself was in the form of a simple trap. After falling 100 feet into a pit, the heroes learned the hard way the importance of carrying adventure gear as they tried to figure out how to get Tyllius out of the hole since they didn’t have enough rope. Eventually he managed to climb halfway up, however, and Logrin’s 50 feet of rope did the rest.

The orcs they encountered were a joke. Facing six elite orc guards in magic armor and bearing magic weapons, the heroes sliced through the group of gray-skins. Their boss fared little better and the rest of the orcs in residence were slaughtered.

After a few days travel back home the heroes presented Eustice with the head of his son’s killer. Eustice had Vaughna and Shaunesshen place the grisly trophy upon a spike at his son’s grave.



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