The Undefeated

Session 18: Kruknik

Characters present: Sir Marolan by Dan, Frazzlerazz by Greg, and Marshenref by JMK

It was a night for Initiates in Bastion. Green recruits fresh from training gathered in the Bones & Feathers, hoping to be chosen to go on the mission that would bring them into the fold as full brothers of the Undefeated. Among those selected were our heroes, notable for their conspicuous lack of training with the guild.

Sir Marolan, a high elf paladin from the court at Flameflower, had the credentials and the charisma. Frazzlerazz, the whisper gnome rogue, had put in a hard month training in the Nine Hells and impressed old Crossbones with her stealth. Marshenref, the human fighter, had arguably the most training, having spent the majority of his life in the ranger school at Stalwart Pines.

Prior Brother Yeshvin sent these three to the hamlet of Kruknik to investigate mysterious caravan raids in the area. Following Yeshvin’s advice, they volunteered to guard House Einstoffen’s next shipment of mining supplies to the Cairn Hills. Sure enough, under the cloak of rain and darkness, their camp was ambushed by goblins. Frazzlerazz was nearly killed under the first volley of arrows, but was saved by the timely intervention of the teamsters Kjarkr and Hahndrik. Sir Marolan and Marshenref with the able assistance of the caravan guard Ahnbelka were able to drive off the attackers, Marshenref also falling from multiple arrow wounds.

Sir Marolan and Ahnbelka brought the battered band back to Kruknik, where a traveling priest of Jascar tended to their wounds. When they were able, the heroes escorted the caravan to the mining camps in the hope of luring out the goblins who had escaped, but to no avail. They returned with many unanswered questions, and found that the suspicious young Kerik had left town.

For their able defense of the caravan, however, they passed their initiation. Congrats.



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