The Undefeated

Session 15: White Plume Mt. Pt. 3


Characters Present: Berhtold Seiler by JMK, Lothos by Mike, Melfis by JR, Shienda by Greg, Tyllius by Dan.

DM’d by: JMK.

Experience for the night.

Treasure for the night.

Adventure Background

See White Plume Mountain: Wave

Adventure Summary

After feasting on the monstrous crab they defeated earlier in the day the heroes of the Undefeated were relaxing in the Yellowreach Tavern, swapping stories and reminiscing about the day’s events when an unexpected menace developed. Melfis, already asleep for the night, missed the sudden appearance of four Magmin as a traveling bard inadvertently activated a strange magic item that summoned them to the material plane.

The mischievous creatures sought to burn the inn down. Thanks to the heroes’ efforts there were no casualties but in the end the heroes were unable to save the Yellowreach Inn itself.

Upon reaching White Plume Mountain the following day, none other than Seer Brother Yon Chosen appeared before the heroes. He explained that Melfis’ services were needed back at the guild and Berhtold was offered as a replacement. Less than an hour later an angry Yon Chosen appeared again, snatching away Behrtold and once again providing the heroes with Melfis’ services.

All went well until the heroes reached the inverted zigguraut hinted at in the taunting letter that originally led the heroes to this place. It was there that Melfis met his end while combating a Hammerclaw (Stormwrack p.152).

After his death the heroes returned to the village of Yellowreach and discovered that Melfis was happy to remain in the hereafter. He did not want to be raised from the dead. Upon that discovery, a now familiar flash of light appeared and the Seer Brother was once again in their midst. The mighty wizard had brought with him a replacement for the fallen Melfis: none other than Behrtold the Bard.

Several other fights ensued but the heroes, perhaps determined to avenge Melfis’ death, were a force to be reckoned with. No creature stood a chance against these four as the Undefeated cut its way through the rest of the dungeon. Ultimately they recovered Blackrazor, the final magic item that had been stolen, and returned home to Bastion. Upon their arrival there the heroes were greeted with a banquet and all of them were promoted to the rank of deputy for their stalwart performance.

All, that is, save for Behrtold. His response upon hearing this news?




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