The Undefeated

Session 14: White Plume Mt. Pt. 2


Characters Present: Lothos by Mike, Melfis by JR, Shienda by Greg, Tyllius by Dan.

DM’d by: JMK.

Experience for the night.

Treasure for the night.

Adventure Background

See White Plume Mountain: The Search for Whelm

Adventure Summary

While celebrating at the Yellowreach Inn for their victory in having successfully retrieved Whelm the heroes found out that the town’s annual White Plume Dance was about to begin. During the opening ceremonies Shienda was named the White Plume Queen for the night, an annual tradition wherein the town’s revelers choose one eligible woman from among the Dance’s numbers to select any eligible bachelor to be her date for the evening. Shienda ended up selecting from among her party when she gave an enthusiastic nod to Lothos, much to the disappointment of my many of Yellowreach’s citizens.

The opening ceremony was interrupted when (Arcanist/Mystical) Brother Yon Chosen suddenly appeared out of thin air. In his company was none other than Melfis Puninski. Yon explained that Berhtold’s services were needed elsewhere and that Melfis would be replacing him. Berhtold, completely stoned as always, left his haversack behind and Melfis would end up making good use of many of the items contained therein over the next couple of days. Some might think this is the equivalent of stealing, but Melfis has nothing to fear: Berhtold is stoned so often that he’ll never remember the exact number of scrolls or wand charges he had left anyway. After taking Whelm with him, the powerful wizard teleported back to Bastion.

A night of dancing, drinking, and general revelry ensued. At one point Shienda was seen disappearing with Lothos to her bedroom and Tyllius was also not without company when he bedded for the evening. It is unclear whether or not Melfis enjoyed female companionship as he retired early, clearly upset that the woman he claims as his own was in the arms of another man.

The following day the heroes again delved into the depths of White Plume Mountain. Melfis spent an unusual amount of time trying to befriend the sleepy sphinx who guards the entryway but soon the heroes encountered their first serious challenge: a Sea Hag and her terrible companion in the water filled room, an Uchuulon. Both Lothos and Tyllius became dazed under the hag’s deadly stare and Tyllius nearly died as the Uchuullon crushed him in his terrible tentacles. Shienda also nearly died as both the Ucuullon and the Hag attacked her mercilessly but once again she managed to tank successfully for the group. In the end it was Melfis who brought the beast low with a borrowed dagger from Lothos’s boot. The hag died soon after from a lethal blow to the head with which Shienda had meant to stun her.

The heroes were forced to retreat back to Yellowreach in order to regroup. A powerful cleric of Pelor, in town to visit the local temple, was able to restore both Lothos and Tyllius… for a modest donation, of course. After resting the night the heroes returned once more to White Plume Mountain.

The heroes’ next challenge involved a long cylindrical tube that was coated with oil. After receiving a protective spell from Melfis, Shienda ventured inside and ignited the oil, much to her delight. Afterward she and her companions faced a heavily armored human fighter and his love, a female sorcerer who turned out to also be a werewolf. The heroes made short work of them.

Finally the heroes made it to the last room. Inside it they discovered Wave and Melfis easily took it while under the guise of an invisibility spell. However, opening the box that contained it summoned the ire of Wave’s protector, a huge monstrous crab. The crab easily nabbed up Shienda and began to brutally crush the poor woman to pieces in his giant claw. In a desperate attempt to kill the beast and save the woman he claims to be his own, Melfis risked the life of the entire group (and indeed the inhabitants of the entire dungeon). Thankfully his aim was true when using his wand of scorching ray. Unfortunately, though, the crab made short work of his meal and having finished tenderizing Shienda the crab tossed her aside and began to do the same thing to Tyllius. But Lothos felled the beast soon after and it was discovered the Shienda had miraculously survived her ordeal.

The heroes left after that, needing a night to lick their wounds, perhaps celebrate another victory, and prepare for their fourth and possible final foray into the dungeon in order retrieve the last of the stolen items: Blackrazor.


After finishing off the uchuulon with Lothos’ punch dagger (and his exalted sneak attack) Melfis showed off his courage when, despite having been weakened by the sea hag, he dove into the diseased waters of the dungeon after Tyllius. While Shienda fought with the sea hag Melfis managed to tie a rope around Tyllius, swim back to the surface of the water, and bring the rope to the fiery monk seconds before she finished the ugly thing off. Shienda then pulled Tyllius out of the water, and Melfis and she dragged the two dazed men out of the dungeon and back to town.

Session 14: White Plume Mt. Pt. 2

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