The Undefeated

Session 11: What Lies Beneath

Characters Present: Logrin by Mike, Lessyria by John, Lucius Von Brimstone, and Yurazi NPC.

DM’d by: Greg

Adventure Summary

In search of four missing Guild Brothers the heroes arrive in the village of Geln Pass to find an elaborate funeral where the guest of honor is staked and beheaded by villagers reeking of garlic. The graveyard is over run by ghouls and other undead evil, and the four missing members of the Undefeated disappeared trying to cleanse the graveyard.

The heroes questioned Father Galamar, the village priest, Nalik the tavern keep, and a few others about what was going on. It seemed the trouble all started after the village was visited by the mysterious Man in Black. No one saw his face, and he possessed magical powers. The old priest of Pelor, Father Turim, traded him a horse and died shortly after (of natural causes).

In the center of the cemetery lay the tomb of Hagron, a local hero and paladin of Heironius, who died helping repel an invasion of rampaging orcs during the Greyhawk Wars. Under the tomb’s foundations the heroes found a much older crypt which served as the lair of the ghouls. Within the crypt they encountered traps, undead, and found the bodies of their four missing guild brothers.

Upon reaching the service they found a group of ghouls clambering back to the crypt with a fresh batch of corpses. Lucius commanded them to kill one another, and they returned to town to tell them that the ghouls had been defeated. Unfortunately the Man in Black was still at large, and they had not encountered anything to led them to his current whereabouts.



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