The Undefeated

Session 9: Assault on the Iron Citadel of Dumadan

Characters Present: Berhtold Seiler & Lessyria by JMK, Melfis Puninski & Lucius Von Brimstone by JR, Tyllius & Grastul by Dan, Navarius & Marduk by Allen, Logrin & Lothos by Mike, and Wetherby & Kleptoe by Ken.

DM’d by Greg.

Adventure Background

See Stone Heart and To Find Courage.

Nearly two years have passed since the dwarves were first invaded. Now the menace has been contained in the fortress which they are at last ready to retake.

They have been waiting, hoping that the invaders would simply perish, but it was not to be so. Instead the invanders have prospered and still they remain in the fortress at the center of the city.

Adventure Summary

The great halls of Dumadan were once again filled with life, laughter and joy, but flowing underneath these currents of happiness lay an overwhelming anger that the Derro and their vile compatriots still held the fortress. At last the Ankrif-Loem had prepared to begin the final assault to rid themselves of the Derro stench, and to retake their defiled fortress.

Several key missions that needed to be accomplished before the main assault. First and foremost was the rescue of those dwarves who had been captured. Beyond that the next most important objective was to protect the rescue groups, and to secure a path for them in and out of the fortress. The third objective, which was critical to the success of all the others was reconnaissance before the attacks and rescues could even take place.

All of these objectives were accomplished on the first day of the battle. There were only light losses and hopes were high that the Citadel would be taken on the morrow with little loss of life. The information retrieved proved of great use in planning the attacks for the main assault, and they took advantage of everything reported.

The next day the main assault went better then anyone dared imagine it would. Not only was the citadel retaken and the last of the Derro, Trolls, and other fiendish beasts crushed, but it was accomplished with only minor losses amongst the dwarves (7% of able bodied men and women) and the Duchal Guard (only 5% of their number were casualties). There was much rejoicing, and praise for the Undefeated who were responsible for the success of many of the key missions.



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