The Undefeated

Session 8: A Plea from Beyond the Grave

Characters Present: Berhtold Seiler by JMK, Melfis Puninski by JR, Tyllius by Dan.

DM’d by Greg.

Adventure Background

See Plague of the Third Season, The Bronze Cabal, and The Defenders of the Light.

Adventure Summary

The adventure began in the Bones and Feathers Inn as they so often do. This one was different however as the it begun with the heroes encountering two odd, floating hands that beckoned them to follow. They guided them out of Bastion to the door of an old and rundown tower.

When the heroes entered the tower they were confronted by the spirit of Weslin Fraimekkian, actually an illusion cast by an evil priest of Incabulos. The priest was looking for unknowing minions to carry out his unholy tasks. The illusory ghost asked for the heroes’ help in finding items that had recently been looted from his tomb. He informed the heroes that the items’ theft is the reason for his haunting, and their return will reunite him with his family. The items are the Black Stone of Harrowing Dreams and a holy relic, the Holy Chalice of Rao.

After accepting the ghost’s quest, and watching him be pulled into the earth by infernal hands, the heroes began searching the tower. They descended into the basement first where they found a scarred man and two bugbears executing a prisoner. A battle ensued, and Melfis Puninski was slain by one of the hairy beasts. After the battle they took Melfis’ dismembered corpse back to the Undefeated Grounds where he was brought back to life thanks to gold his father, Dufus Puninski, had left with the guild for just such an occasion. Melfis reported becoming a pigeon and being fed birdseed by other birds in the afterlife.

Next the heroes went in search of the Holy Chalice of Rao. They found the home of the supposed shady merchant Ploellin near the temple of Rao. It was a plain affair, and inside they found a holy man in spartan living quarters and not a merchant as the ghost had told them. Ploellin, a priest and retired Honored Brother, was more than happy to allow members of the guild to use the relic, but he was confused as to why the ghost would have said that it was stolen from his tomb. Ploellin had found the chalice before the Defenders of the Light had joined the undefeated, and was sure that the ghost must either be mistaken, or he was deliberately misleading the party. He advised caution, and asked that if at all possible they return the chalice to him.

After retrieving the chalice the heroes traveled to the site of an old temple of Rao outside of town. It had been abandoned during the rule of Duke Justinian Lorinar who had increased the temple taxes by some three hundred percent upon taking office. They found the temple desecrated. The cemetery graves had been dug up and the corpses placed onto the ruined altar within. They found the stone and a book hidden away within a small shed outside the temple. There was a word inscribed on the stone, and Berhtold read it aloud enacting the curse of the stone which made him very possessive of the evil relic. Inside the book were dark and strange religious parables written in blood. That night, as they made camp in the temple grounds they were attacked by dire wolves and rats.

With both of the items the ghost had requested they returned to Bastion and sought a meeting with Prior Brother Yeshivin. They told him of what they had found, and handed over the book and the chalice for him to look at. Berhtold refused to give up the stone and Yeshivin, guessing at what was happening, commanded Tyllius to subdue the bard. While Tyllius held him Yeshivin called upon the power of Pelor to remove the curse. Berhtold gladly handed over the stone after that.

With Prior Brother Yeshivin they returned to the tower to remove whatever evil presence haunted the place. When they arrived the ghost did not appear, but its voice could be heard telling them to place the objects on the mantle. Yeshvin informed them that he did not feel the presence of undeath in the tower, and they headed up to the top of the tower. They entered the top most chamber, the walls of which were lined with skulls and in the center were two statues of infernal creatures flanking a portal, just in time to see a man in black robes enter the portal and escape them.

Prior Brother Yeshivin saw too the destruction of the cursed stone and thanked them for their initiative and bravery. Then the heroes returned the chalice to Ploellin who listened intently to their tale. He told them of the his adventures with the Defenders of the Light and The Bronze Cabal, closing by telling him how he was glad that there were heroes such as them to carry on the good work.


Melfis lost his life to two Bugbear fighters.One cut of an arm the other a leg it wasn’t pretty. “Dude we get to be pigeons when we die it’s awsome.”


Behrtold had the gruesome task of gathering up what remained of Melfis and brought the pieces to his god’s temple in the Undefeated compound. “It was a total drag, dudes.”


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