The Undefeated

Session 7: To Find Courage

Characters Present: Behrtold Seiler by JMK, Logrin by Mike, Tyllius by Dan, Wetherby by Ken.

DM’d By Greg.

Adventure Background

See Stone Heart.

The Ankrif-Loem have summoned many adventurers to aid their attack on the citadel of Dumadan. However, before that happens they must make preparations. One of those preparations is the recovery of the War Banner of Dumadan. This banner has always served as a rally point for the defenders of the city and much superstition surrounds it. The populace of the city believes that the assault and recapture of the citadel will fail unless the War Banner is found. This treasure was lost in the rush of the Derro invasion and the members of the Ankrif-Loem have received information about its possible location. Thus, they have called on the Undefeated to follow up on the information and retrieve the standard if possible.

The War Banner is believed to be held in Gren Dunn, the armory and barracks of Dumadan, but the tunnel leading to Gren Dunn is flooded. A new tunnel has been dug to Gren Laerd, the grounds of the bardic college, and it is hoped that the heroes will be able reach Gren Dunn from there.

Adventure Summary

The heroes traveled into Gren Laerd and found several sickly looking dwarves, that had clearly lost their wits, among the giant mushroom stalks that grow around the caverns lake. They attempted to begin a meaningful discourse with this poor creatures, and were taken by surprise by invisible phantom fungi.

After dispatching the fungi they traveled on to the college buildings and met with Bardic Master Urolfen Gundabil who was thankfully still sane. He told them of the undead attacks coming from the tunnel to Gren Dunn, and was very interested in all that they had to say about the war effort and the greater world. He and those of his students that remained alive had been trapped in Gren Laerd for about a year and a half by this point, and he was relieved to hear that the far gates had closed off the Derro reinforcements and preparations for war were already underway. He gave them what little aid he could, and told the heroes all he knew of the undead pouring out of Gren Dunn.

The travel through the tunnel to Gren Dunn was uneventful, but corpses littered the ground in several places. Upon reaching the cavern they found no trace of survivors, and began exploring the buildings. In there explorations they encountered little undead resistance which they quelled easily.

Eventually there searching brought them to a chamber in which a demented Derro necromancer was raising skeletons, presumably to send against Gren Laerd. Standing behind the small sorcerer was a skeleton wielding the War Banner of Dumadan, and it’s power aided the skeletons and Derro sorcerer in there fight against the Undefeated. Tyllius made short work of the skeletons with a few mighty swings of his spiked chain, and in seconds the Derro found himself alone and cornered. It was easy enough to dispatch the outnumbered necromancer after that, and Logrin stepped over his corpse to retrieve the War Banner.

Upon there return the Ankrif-Loem thanked them all, and there was a celebration in their honor, and in honor of the return of the War Banner of Dumadan. Now the war plans could move forward, and the heroes swore that they’d return to help with the final assault.



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