The Undefeated

Session 5: Stone Heart

Characters Present: Berhtold Seiler by JMK, Grastul by Dan, Logrin by Mike, and Scamp NPC.

DM’d by: Greg

Adventure Background

Since before the founding of Dumadan, the Derro and the Dwarves there have had a long-standing rivalry. In the early months of CY 590, the Derro amassed an army of several thousand warriors, savants, and twisted creatures so vile that few care to remember them. They did so for two reasons. First, they were fleeing the Orcs who had ended their long war with the Koa-Toa and were now seeking revenge on the Derro for past actions. Sencond, the Derro had a new ally who had agreed to help them take Dumadan.

Adventure Summary

The Undefeated sent the group under the leadership of Deputy Brother Garom Khuzladar, dwarf paladin of Moradin and citizen of Dumadan, to answer the call to arms of the Ankrif-Loem (Clan Council) of Dumadan put forth across the Dutchy and beyond into the realms of Oerth.

On the way to Dumadan the band of Undefeated stopped in Seltaren for the night. The heroes stayed at the Borderlands Tavern where they saved a young halfling girl called Scamp from some disgruntled porters. It seemed that she had caused injury to one of their friends, and they meant to make her pay. Upon questioning Scamp they came to the conclusion that she was in fact a sorceress (which she denied), and it was decided that they would take her with them so that she could be trained to better control her powers under the watchful eye of the Undefeated.

Upon reaching Dumadan the heroes were asked to enter the city and close the far gates beyond which lays the underdark. Logrin, a member of the group had opened those very gates as a child, and had fled Dumadan in his shame. The rest of the members of the Undefeated lead by Garom were to lead an assault against the Derro as a diversion.

First they came to the gate of Dumadan in the Hall of Ancients, the only viable entrance to the city. Ancient magical defenses, which were enabled when the dwarves left, guarded the gate and worked to prevent passage from both inside and out. After solving the riddle of the Hall of Ancients the heroes entered Dumadan and made their way through the destroyed and desecrated districts of the city. There were many obvious signs of Derro occupation, such as holy symbols of Diirinka, the Derro deity, murdered corpses, corrupted creatures, denizens of the deep, and even further vile atrocities.

Some portions of the city were unreachable due to the destruction of the Derro, however, a very large area was still open for the heroes to explore. They chose to head straight to the gate, and took no detours on the way to the far gates.

The core areas through which they traveled were fully occupied by Derro and their minions, and the heroes encountered several patrols of gnoll guards on their journey through the city.

In the center of Dumadan, outside the Iron Citadel, the heroes entered the shrine of Angthrak. Angthrak was a great hero to the Dwarven people and in his shrine the party aquired his axe and an ancient journal written by the Ankrif Thren Haorgast. The journal recorded the history of the founding of the city, and was a clue to just how ancient the Ankrif Haorgast really is.

In the Iron Citadel it could be seen that the Derro were building a temple to further twist Dumadan to their own needs. The large iron tower springing from the center of the fortress of Dumadan was still under construction by the Derro as the heroes traveled through.

As the went further in they encountered strange creatures, and more patrols, but no actual Derro. There greatest challenge lay in wait at the gate itself in the form of a holding force of gnoll warriors lead by a particularly nasty gnoll barbarian who nearly defeated the party single handedly.

Once the force at the gate was defeated the heroes quickly figured out how to close the gate, and did so just in time as a force of Derro rushed from the underdark to attack. One of the Derro in that force was even crushed beneath the great stone gate as it closed.

After finishing their task the party of heroes made haste for the surface victorious. Upon their arrival the Ankrif-Loem lead the charge to retake the city, and although they were unable to do so entirely they did set a foothold for themselves that day. In do course the heroes of the Undefeated were rewarded, but warned that their help would be needed in the near future.



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