The Undefeated

Session 4: The Night Where Nothing Happens

A night when all went right.

Characters Present: Shienda by Greg, Melfis Puninski by JR, Logrin by Mike, Grastul by Dan.

DM’d by: JMK

Adventure Summary

After clearing out the mines near Barrow’s Edge, the newly made brothers and sister of the guild ran across an important member of the guild: Honored Brother Eustice Crookrows. At his behest the heroes went south to Sulteran to attempt to re-establish contacts with the thieves guilds in that city. It turned out that an annual “game” was being played by the thieves that night, a game in which nothing is supposed to really happen. But things went awry when one of the groups competing in this scavenger hunt was brutally murdered.

In the end the heroes managed to not only win the game for the sole survivor of the slaughtered group, a man named Falls, but they also managed to expose the group of tyflings who were responsible for that act. In the end the heroes vanquished the tyflings and managed to re-establish formal communication between Eustice and Masseri, the leader of the thieves of Sulteran.



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