The Undefeated

Session 3: Lothos' Day.

His past came back to haunt him.

Characters Present: Lothos by Mike, Shaunesshen (NPC), Tyllius by Dan, Vaughna by Greg.

DM’d by JMK.

Adventure Summary

Lothos and his fellow brothers and sister of the Undefeated Guild were sent on a mission back to the cave near Barrow’s Edge to exterminate some orcs who had reoccupied that hold. On their way there the heroes were captured and transported to another plane of existence by a powerful mage in the employ of Lothos’ old boss, a thieves’ guild leader in the city of Dyvers.

While in this plane Lothos was the only one who was still himself. Everyone else was brainwashed and totally believed that life in the Vale was the life they’d always led. Vaughna was a doctor happily married to Shaunessen and Tyllius was a simple laborer who drove carts for a living. They were happy and content in this very peaceful and idealistic world and they refused to believe Lothos when he told them that they were actually adventurers in a world much larger than the one they knew.

In the end, however, Lothos managed to shake off the perfect realty his old self would have embraced. He chose instead to remain the hero he has become and by doing so he released both Tyllius and Vauhna from their stupor.



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