The Undefeated

Session 2: Scourge of the Howling Horde

The dragon who howled its last.

Characters Present: Lothos by Mike, Tyllius by Dan, Vaughna by Greg, Wedlam (NPC).

DM’d by: JMK.

Adventure Summary

When word reached the Undefeated Guild that trouble was afoot in the nearby village of Barrow’s Edge, Prior Brother Yeshivin Waterpool dispatched four newly initiated members of the guild to investigate. Vaughna, Lothos, Tyllius, and Wedlam traveled to the village and soon found themselves inside a cave infested with orcs and goblins. Fighting their way through the heroes ultimately came upon a black wrymling who, apparently, had taken control of this tribe of orcs. After a ferocious battle the heroes slayed the black beast and later presented its head to the citizens of Barrow’s Edge.



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