The Undefeated

Session 1: The Burning Plague

The First Initiation

Characters Present: Lothos, played by Mike, Tyllius, played by Dan, Vaughna, played by Greg, Margareth Roht, NPC

DM’d By: JMK

Adventure Summary

The four Initiates of the guild ventured forth to the small town of Duvik’s Pass to investigate a strange plague that was ravaging the land. On the way to Duvik’s Pass they were waylaid by a group of five strange ant-like creatures none of them had ever seen before. The group successfully fought off and killed the five aggressors.

Later the heroes investigated a mine near Duvik’s Pass and found that it was infested with kobolds. While Margareth sadly fell in battle the heroes managed to clear the mines and defeat an evil orc cleric who had been poisoning the town’s water supply. Upon returning to Bastion the heroes were able to take their oaths and become full brothers of the guild.



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